Do You Have A Singing Problem?
Identify and Solve It Now!

Everyone has their own unique singing problem, even professional singers or vocal instructors like me!

But is that supposed to stop us from having the singing voice that we want? Definitely NOT!

The most important reason why we need to understand our problems better is so that we learn to overcome them, and that is what will drive us to improve!

Knowing more about the common problems we commit when singing will help to clear up the uncertainty of what is causing us to sing badly!

It will also help to show us SPECIFICALLY what we need to work on to improve our singing!

There are many singing resources that provide us with the solutions we need to solve our problems during singing and improve our voice! Check out some of these useful singing books by clicking on the link provided NOW!

There are 5 basic problems we may commit when singing, and they are as follows:

1. Singing Out of Tune
2. Lack of Rhythm Sense
3. Running Out of Breath When Singing
4. Soft or Weak Voice

5. Blur or Slurry Words When Singing

Check out the links for each of the 5 Basic Singing Problems to find out more about these basic problems and how we can solve them!

You can also read up more on the Basics of Singing, in order to understand more about these 5 basic elements of great singing and how we can master them!

Apart from the above problems when singing, there are also some common undesirable vocal habits that many of us commit when we are singing.

They are:

1. Straining Your Throat
2. Locking Your Jaw
3. Raising Your Head
4. Turtleneck Singing

Each of these undesirable habits will hinder us in our quest for great singing, and stop us from having the singing voice that we want!

That is why it is so important for us to note one thing:

Habits Can Be Changed!

Singing habits can certainly be corrected over time with hard work and determination, and of course, lots of practice!

Be sure to always practise proper vocal warmups before you sing, so as to avoid unnecessary harm to your voice!

You may also wish to try out some of the vocal exercises introduced on this website that target the main areas of vocal training – Singing Power, Vocal Sustain, Vocal Smoothness and much more!

Remember, ALL our problems and undesirable vocal habits are only there to challenge us, and once we overcome them, we become even better singers than we are now!

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