Singing Books That
Provide The Answers….

There are so many Singing Books out there that teach us How To Sing. So many so many books…

In fact, there are just TOO many!

Do you actually know which books are genuinely useful to you as a singer?

NO… And worse still, you have to buy them to try them!

Sometimes it may be money down the drain…

Looking for a solution to this dilemma?

I am proud to give you Your Personal Singing Book Guide, which tells you exactly which books are useful to you, and saves you time and money that could have been wasted by buying the wrong books!

The books in this section will be divided into the following categories:

1) Voice Training and Singing
2) Ear Training or Aural Awareness
3) Rhythm Training or Beat Sense
4) Harmony Singing
5) Musical Knowledge and Scales

Click on the various links provided above to read more about the books i have recommended.

I am sure you will be able to find some great books that will be genuinely useful to your in your singing training!

Who knows, you may even thank me for saving you lots of time and money! (my Contact Us page is available for you, 24/7…)

If you are like me, looking for books that provide ALL the information you need as a singer, and yet are not overly complicated or wordy, or full of technical jargon, then check out these books below!

These books are part of my private collection as a vocal coach, and I know they work!

They have also provided me with much inspiration and knowledge, which i share freely with all my students!

Here are the book recommendations:

Personal Book Recommendation #1

No, you do not become a dummie after reading this book…

In fact, you actually become smarter as a singer!

This book provides great information regarding how to sing, including topics like vocal resonance, vocal registers as well as basics like posture and breathing!

It also breaks down all of these topics into well-organised chapters, and uses language that is easy to understand, so that beginner students or singers can understand the various aspects of singing easily!

For your information, this book is a top seller on my website… That proves something doesn’t it?

Click here now and learn ALL that you need to know about singing!

Personal Book Recommendation #2

This is yet another excellent book on singing, and it is written by vocal coach extraordinaire, Seth Riggs!

This man coaches top singers like Natalie Cole, Robbie Williams, Josh Groban and many more, and you can be sure that the singing books he endorses are certainly useful to you!

This book teaches you regarding Speech Level Singing, which is an extremely useful way of learning how to sing!

It targets our singing voice, and keeps it connected to our speaking voice so that it is most natural to us as singers.

Click here to learn how to sing from a World-Class Vocal Coach to the Stars!

Personal Book Recommendation #3

Only the truly smart will admit they are idiots, and humbly learn from scratch..

This book is similar to my 1st personal recommendation above, Singing For Dummies, teaching you ALL that you will need to know as singer, in an easy and concise way, without confusing technical jargon!

What is great about these comprehensive guide books is that you get a good overall understanding of what singing is all about.

Even seasoned singers or vocal coaches can get a more in-depth understanding after reading these books in detail!

That’s what happened to me after i read it.. it virtually opened up my mind about singing!

Click here now to open up your mind about singing too!

I have also provided some useful vocal exercises on my website that train various aspects of our voice, and you would certainly be able to do some good to your voice by following these exercises properly.

Now that I have revealed my private collection books to you, don’t you think it’s time for you to give them a try?

After all, i did spend lots of time and money of my own to wade through the countless and numerous singing books in the market, to finally arrive at these few recommendations..

Sob sob.. but it was worth it, if it helps you to save your time and money and achieve quick and effective results!

Get any one of the singing books that i recommend, and i guarantee you, you will be back for more!

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