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Music Instructor and Singing Coach, Aaron Matthew Lim

This section is all about me as a Music Instructor, Singing Coach and Vocal Artiste, and how I founded this website on singing, providing so many singing tips and a wealth of information on vocal training and pitching exercises to people around the world!

I assume that you are interested to know who I am, and what I do everyday. How I manage to live the dream of singing, writing songs, have a full-time job as a music instructor and singing coach, and still find time to update this website, and also to work on some upcoming singing books too.

If you are here by mistake, don’t leave our website so soon! Check out some of the interesting singing tips here and you may find yourself hooked on this easy-to-read and informative website! And do spread the love for this website to everyone you know.

Ok, my name is Aaron Matthew Lim, and I was born and raised in Singapore. I started learning to play classical piano when I was 6, and I obtained my Grade 8 certification from ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and Trinity College of London in theory and practical application respectively when I was around 14 or 15 years old.

When I entered the university at the age of 21, I founded a singing club called NUS Voices (NUS stands for National University of Singapore). That is how my love for singing began and started to flourish, and I started to contemplate learning singing seriously and not just as a hobby!

I joined a private music school in Singapore to further my singing education, and embarked on a journey that was to last me for the next 7 – 8 years or so. I became a music instructor, then the Head of Department and later the School Manager of that school. Along the way, I learnt that there are many people out there in need of a good singing coach and many others who are just one step away from becoming a great performer and artiste!

From my teaching stint, I gathered much knowledge regarding what students should take note of when attending singing lessons in order to make the most of their lessons, enabling them to learn effectively and improve their voice quickly! By teaching my students, I was also learning at the same time, and it was an enriching experience for me.

Aaron Matthew Lim, a Vocal Artiste and Singing Coach

During this time, I worked very hard on my singing skills, and also went for many workshops to learn more about how to teach singing to others.

In 2007, I finally decided that it was time to start out on my own, and started my very own music school called Intune Music, together with my music buddy Chi Sheng, providing professional singing, songwriting and sing and play courses to beginners as well as budding musicians and even music instructors too!

It is very important for beginners to know how to choose a good music school that can provide you with an all-rounded experience and great music instructors, and I am proud to say that our school seeks to do just that and much more!

We also do many performances in Singapore at prestigious locations like the Esplanade Concert Hall, Theatre, Esplanade Concourse and Waterfront stages, as well as the elegant Arts House venue and clubbing locations like Lunar @ Clarke Quay Singapore! You can watch these performances at Intune Music School’s youtube profile page and see me and my students singing and performing at these wonderful venues.

Zuo En from Intune Music School!

This school means a lot to me, and I get a lot of satisfaction and joy from seeing ordinary people transform into talented and skilled performers onstage! Many of them are my personal friends, or friends of our students. Others become friends the moment they step into our school. In other words, we form a closely-knit Intune Family, and these bonds will last us a lifetime.

One of my most prominent students, Irwin Fua, is deeply passionate about his music and about singing, and he actually did his own music video with some of his friends just to let more people hear his original composition.

Do support this video if you do like his singing (in Mandarin), and help to push this video up in ratings, and give him more exposure!

Intune Music School Performer Xueting

It was around this same time that I founded this website – Your Personal Singing Guide.Com – to provide readers and singers around the world with a wealth of information and singing tips for self-improvement on their own, because I realised that not everyone was privileged enough to be able to afford proper singing lessons.

I wanted to provide good singing education to more people in the world, be a music instructor to people in less fortunate countries, and inspire them to sing and pursue their dreams, regardless of the difficulties that they face!

I also began to upgrade my singing and teaching skills recently, with workshops in Australia conducted by Estill Voice International, by my lovely teachers Helen Tiller, Naomi Eyers, Gerald Marko and Stephanie Marko! I learnt so much from them, and I’m looking forward to returning to learn even more!

I also took and achieved a Diploma Certification in Popular Music Vocals, with the London College of Music, (Dip LCM) sometime during this year.

Aaron Matthew Lim at Arts House with Backup Singers

And now, in 2014, I have released my very first solo EP entitled 守护 (To Protect).

It is an EP of just 3 mandarin songs, but it is the product of our hard work over the years, and also the result of close collaboration with many of the top musicians in Singapore, including Terence Teo, Kenn C, and Mike Chiang.

Aaron Matthew Lim 林伟强

Here are 2 of my music videos for your listening and viewing pleasure:

My only wish is for everyone around the world to realise that no dream is too big and nothing is too difficult for us to achieve. All it takes is perseverance and hard work. (Sounds a little cliched, but it is true.)

I would just like to leave everyone with a little quote from a book I read recently:

“The best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago. The next best time is NOW.”

Plant the tree of your dreams in your heart and actions NOW, and you will be able to see it grow into a strong and healthy tree during your lifetime…

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