Vocal Warmup Exercises –
Why Do We Need Them?

In our quest for better singing, we need to learn some important vocal warmup techniques that will help us to maintain our voice in a healthy condition.

These warmup exercises will also help us to build a strong set of vocals, as well as train a very important set of muscles called our “Vocal Folds”. Understanding our Vocal Cords and how they work is vital if we want to do proper vocal warmups!

Watch the video above for some instructional guidance by our very own Founder and Author, Mr. Aaron Matthew Lim!

Here’s Aaron teaching you how to do a proper siren, which is another very popular vocal warm up. 🙂

You may also wish to find out more about some useful singing books that not only teach us various vocal exercises for warmup, but also educate us on the many aspects of singing too! You can also check out our entire library of vocal exercises available for instant access here!

Now, you may ask, why do we need to do warmup exercises before we sing? The answer is very simple once we think of the various other activities we do, for example running, jogging, swimming, weight-lifting and so on.

Before we perform these activities, we will usually do a warmup exercise to stretch out our muscles, as well as to warm them up so that they will be able to handle the strain and tension involved in these various activities.

Well, it is the same case for singing! Whenever we sing, we put a lot of strain and tension on our voice as well as our diaphragm muscles, and we need to do these warmup exercises to stretch out these muscles, as well as to warm them up to a certain level before we subject them to the strenuous activity of singing.

One important point to note is that our vocal cords (VOICE) and our breath (AIR) should preferably be in balance with each other when we are singing, and one cannot do without the other.

This means that we cannot produce sound without air going across our vocal cords, and vice versa, if we do not have our vocal cords, we would be unable to produce sound even if we have more than enough breath for support!

Now, most vocal coaches advocate the following vocal warmups:

1. Humming
2. Lip Trill
3. Scale Singing

Click on the respective links above to learn more about each of these vocal warmup techniques, as well as how they help to build a strong and healthy voice for us to be able to sing better!

Here’s another video with Aaron teaching us how to do a proper ‘Lip Trill’ to warm up our voice:

I have also compiled some easy-to-apply tips for warming up your voice, and these will help to prevent any damage that you could do to your voice if you do not follow these tips religiously! Our vocal cords are very tiny and brittle, and any form of abuse wil definitely be harmful to our vocal muscles.

Also, for those of us who are doing singing lessons at home now because of COVID-19 or because of other reasons, do check out this video I made about how you can practise your singing at home:

For those who are keen to embark on the full set of vocal warmup exercises with us, click here to find out how to do just that!

Once we have thoroughly understood the various vocal warmup techniques and exercises, we will be well on our way to developing a strong and healthy voice that will form the basis of great singing!

These exercises also help to build strength in our vocal muscles, much like how lifting weights will help to build our biceps and triceps into beautiful and strong muscles!

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