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Your Personal Singing E-Zine, Issue #048
July 01, 2013
Welcome, Fellow Singer!

~ Table of Contents ~
Latest Updates!
1) PERSONAL MESSAGE from Your Personal Singing Coach

2) FACEBOOK FANPAGE for all supporters and fans of Your Personal Singing Guide

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3) RESOURCE Webpage: Pitching Exercises

We do have lots of music available online for you to use in your pitching training, so feel free to utilise them now!

4) FOUNDATION Webpage: Basics of Singing

Get your basics right so that you can sing strong and sing with a stable foundation.

5) COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach

Send in your questions about singing, and also compliments or feedback about this website!

Personal Singing Tips!

1) Vocal Mindset Tip #16 – The Counter-Intuitiveness of Singing

2) Pitching Tip #45 – Focus on What You Are Singing

3) Vocal Mindset Tip #17 – Doing a Concert Really Gets You Motivated to Practise!

4) Pitching Tip #46 – Getting a Bullseye for your Pitch

~~ Enjoy Issue #48 of Your Personal Singing Ezine! ~~

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~~ Latest Updates ~~
– 1 –
Message from Your Personal Singing Coach:

Message from Your Personal Singing Coach:

“Welcome all fellow singers, vocal coaches and singing students!

I must apologise for the missing Ezine in the month of June, as I was bogged down by all the work at my new school, and I failed to check that the ezine was sent out properly! Once again, my sincerest apologies, and I do hope that it did not cause too much inconvenience to everyone.

I have specially included twice the number of tips here in this issue of our Ezine, to make up for the missed Ezine in June.. hope it helps..

To those of us celebrating their birthdays in this month, I would like to say a lovely Happy Birthday, and have lots of fun and singing at your celebrations!

Down here in Singapore, we have been troubled by a Haze problem that is affecting the air that we breathe, causing hazy skies and polluted air. Hopefully this haze issue will dissipate quickly and not affect the throats and health of singers here!

I’ve been coping with this haze issue by wearing N95 masks to filter out the polluted air, and ensure that I breathe in clean and healthy air. Hope that singers all around the world will treasure the clean air that you have in your country, and help to keep it that way!

To all readers, I have started my very own Facebook fan page (Aaron Matthew Lim), and you can help me out by LIKING it at this URL:

If you could help to share my Facebook fan page with your friends and LIKE my activities, that would be most appreciated!

Do help to ask our friends and family members to also join Your Personal Singing Guide’s Facebook Fan Page

and get your friends to join too!

Joining this Facebook Fan Page will enable us to build a strong online community, and also to interact with fellow lovers of music and singing, and have more fun together!

Do enjoy the tips that I am providing for you in this 48th issue of the Ezine, and feel free to share Your Personal Singing Ezine with your friends and loved ones, or better still, get them to come and subscribe to their very own Personal Singing Ezine! I will be glad to share my singing tips and pointers with them too!

If you wish to share with your friends the back-issues of our Ezine, feel free to do so too:

Also, if you feel that our website is really beneficial to you, please do let us know by dropping us an email through our Contact Us section on the website! Your comments will be greatly appreciated!”

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron Matthew Lim

Your Personal Singing Coach

– 2 –
FACEBOOK FANPAGE for all supporters and fans of Your Personal Singing Guide

As some of you might now, Facebook has updated their Facebook Groups and archived our previous Facebook Group page. This means that I am no longer able to use the group to message everyone or to inform you about updates at our website.

In order to avoid losing contact with all of you great people out there, I started this Facebook Fan Page so that we have a page to meet up at, and to continue keeping in touching with each other!

This fan page will serve the same purpose as the previous Facebook group, just that I will be visiting this fan page more now, and hope that you can just leave your comments there for me to read.

Do also remember to LIKE the fan page so that you will join us as a member and be updated with our regular singing tips and updates.

I will make more effort to reply your comments at this fan page, and hopefully we can start more conversations there!

Should you have any compliments on our website, do feel free to drop us a comment here as well, and we will be extremely grateful for your kind comments. ;-p

So, do check out the URL below and join our Facebook fanpage now:

Your Personal Singing Guide Facebook FanPage URL:

Thank you for your help, and I hope that our music community keeps growing by the minute!

– 3 –
RESOURCE Webpage: Pitching Exercises

Pitching has always been a major problem that many singers are tackling all around the world.

Our website has provided many music clips that allow you to practise your pitching in a variety of ways, and I do hope that you will use this free music to do your daily practice.

Daily practice will certainly help you to be able to achieve the pitching accuracy that you desire, so that your audience will not complain that you are singing off key, or that you are out of tune!

Certainly, many other issues affect pitch as well, but getting used to these musical notes and scales will help you familiarise with your singing voice along the way too.

Start your pitching exercises now!

– 4 –
FOUNDATION Webpage: Basics of Singing

I’ve been doing some teaching at primary and secondary schools in Singapore lately, and we’ve been focussing on trying to teach them the basics of singing.

These basics will help them a great deal, as it isolates these various aspects of singing and makes it easy for them to understand and to practice on their own.

With these singing basics in place, singers will find that more songs will be within their reach, and that their daily practice will be much smoother and easier too!

Check out these Basics of Singing now:

– 5 –
COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach!

Do make use of the Contact Us page on our website, for those of you who wish to ask me questions about singing, or would wish to let us know how great a job we are doing with our website.

We welcome all your comments, and hope to hear from you regularly regarding our website and how we can improve!

I would also like to invite those of you who would wish for me to answer any burning questions about singing, to write in using the online form here and let me know what your questions are.

I will certainly do my very best to answer them, and maybe some of your queries will find their way onto our
website section for Singing FAQ!

Do also let us know what you wish to see on our website, and we will try our best to make the improvements as quickly as we can!

In fact, many of you have already sent in your positive feedback, and I certainly look forward to receiving more from all you readers out there!

Do take note that for the security word challenge, you will need to type the word in CAPITAL LETTERS exactly as it appears, or you will not be able to send us your comments and we would have missed out on valuable feedback from you!

Click on the link below to send us your comments and feedback!

Contact Us URL:

~~ Personal Singing Tips! ~~
– 1 –
Vocal Mindset Tip #16 – The Counter-Intuitiveness of Singing

The beauty about singing is that it is so counter intuitive.

When we want to sing high, we always think that it takes a lot of strength, and many beginner singers tend to over push and strain their way up.

But actually when we try to do that, we will not be able to sing up high at all.

For those of us who would like to start off with some singing basics first, check out the URL here:

Now, what do I mean by that?

Usually when we sing, we base our judgements on what we hear and feel.

So, for example, when we are singing our low notes, we feel that these notes are in our chest, and that they are heavy and strong and thick (more so for guys).

This is why most guys will base their knowledge on this sensation, and try to take these heavy notes up all the way in their range.

And we assume that to go higher, we need more power and more force, and so we push our way up, ending up with more breath being used, and more throat problems being created.

And this is also why most guys will hit a ceiling of sorts when they try to sing up high.

Because these heavy notes were never meant to go up higher than where they’re supposed to be.

And basing your sensations on how the low notes feel will certainly keep you singing in your low notes, if you know what i mean!

What we need to do is to be more counter intuitive, and to go lighter and thinner as we sing up higher.

It will feel strange to most of us, because we lose that sense of control in our throats, and we have nothing much else to help us in terms of feedback, except for what we hear (which sounds really light), and what we feel (which is also not much because we can’t feel the sensations in our throat anymore..).

But we have to resist our temptation to push our notes through to the higher ranges, and really go up thinner and lighter (but NOT AIRY), and try to effect a ’tilt’ in our singing voice to allow us to sing gently and lightly on the high notes.

This is the foundation to a stronger and more powerful high range. But we really have to go LIGHT first.

Certainly, we will need more factors to come in to make our high range more powerful and strong, and these include adding more twang in our singing, but we have to allow our voice to go gentle first so that the twang will sound more beautiful and relaxed.

And this is why I say that singing is beautifully counter intuitive. We try to control our voice and take it up, but what we really should aim to do is let go of some of that harsh control, and really allow our voices to be free! ;-p

For those who wish to start off their vocal training now with some simple vocal exercises, visit this URL now:

– 2 –
Pitching Tip #45 – Focus on What You Are Singing

I have had some queries about how to keep our pitch stable when we are singing to music.

This is actually yet another of the basic problems that many singers face, and it really has to do very much with your Ear Training and Aural Awareness.

For those who wish to begin tackling their aural awareness issues now, check out the URL below:

Now, most untrained singers will be singing and enjoying their singing, but while doing that, they might not really be focussing on what they are singing.

What I mean by this is that we need to have a closer level of auditory monitoring of what we are singing, rather than just singing without really listening to what we are doing.

A lot of times, singers face pitching problems only when singing to music, and that’s most likely because they have some hearing issues when doing that.

One likely reason is that they are not able to really hear themselves properly when they are singing to music, and as such, their singing pitch goes haywire.

This is similar to how singers go out of tune when they are singing with their earphones in their ears.

It’s mainly because we can’t hear ourselves properly, and so we can’t make the minute pitching adjustments that we make when we can hear ourselves singing.

Another possible reason is that we listen too hard to everything that goes on in the music, and that distracts us from what we are singing.

So, we might end up singing notes that exist in the music accompaniment, for e.g. the riffs played by the guitar, or the backing melodic lines played by the piano or strings in the music.

This makes our singing go out of pitch, and we end up singing the notes in the accompaniment music, instead of the notes in the melody of the song we are singing.

So, my advice would be to focus on what you are singing, and not be distracted by the ‘noise’ around you.

Stay true to the melody of your song, and make sure that you are able to hear yourself well, and that you are only listening to your own voice, and you are putting everything else in the background! ;-p

To access the many resources available for Pitching Exercises, do check out the URL below:

Pitching Exercises URL:

— 3–

Vocal Mindset Tip #17 – Doing a Concert Really Gets You Motivated to Practise!

Recently, one of my vocal classes graduated after attending a year of lessons with me.

I was so proud of them, and they managed to put up such a wonderful performance at the Artistry Cafe in Singapore. ;-p

It was their first time performing in front of their friends and family, and I must say that they did really well!

They certainly managed to conquer whatever stage fright they had, and just went all out to do a good show.

For those who wish to begin tackling their stage fright when performing now, check out the URL below:

I watched them throughout their 1 year of lessons with me, and I must honestly say that they have never practised as hard as when the concert was really near.. haha..

The graduation concert really ‘motivated’ them to practise hard, and also to arrange karaoke sessions with each other to get their songs right for the performance.

They initiated practices on their own, and even met up on the day of the concert to go through their songs with each other, and also motivate and encourage each other to do better at the concert later in the night.

They developed a good rapport with each other, and this certainly helped in their performance, since they were really comfortable with each other’s presence onstage.

To all singing teachers out there, you might want to consider doing concerts for your students, if you find that they are getting more unmotivated, or if there just isn’t very much for them to look forward to in their lessons.

Try doing a graduation concert for them, and you might find that their passion for singing will be rekindled, and they will be more motivated to practise their voices everyday!! ;-p

To find out more about how to perform well when singing on stage, do check out the URL below:

— 4 —

Pitching Tip #46 – Getting a Bullseye for your Pitch

When we sing, we can think of our pitching as trying to get a bullseye when we are throwing darts.

A lot of times when we throw a dart, we tend to hit the areas outside of the bullseye.

Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. Sometimes too far out, other times just barely missing the bullseye.

But, the ultimate aim is still to hit the bullseye straight on! ;-p

For those who wish to start off first by doing some basic vocal warmups check out the URL below:

So, how do we hit the bullseye straight on?

The main component is still, PRACTICE.

Practice makes perfect, and if we do practise every day, we can certainly train ourselves to be able to hit the bullseye in our pitch more regularly.

After all, we start to become more familiar with our voices with regular practice, and we know what we can do easily, and what we can do with a bit more effort.

With more familiarisation of our own voice, we will then know how to hit those pitches easily, instead of straining or forcing our way up to the high pitches.

But, I’m sure that many of us have experienced that no matter how hard we practise, we just can’t hit the bullseye in pitch accurately or reliably.

For that, I have to advise that you just have to trust in your practice and your ability to be able to sing the right pitches.

It could be a mental barrier that you are experiencing, and focussing on the problem certainly isn’t going to help.

If you tell yourself everyday that you are not hitting the pitches, and that you are singing off key, then yes, you will continue to do that!

The brain is just so clever at giving us what we want, if we keep telling it to do so. ;-p

What we need to do is to trust our musical training and our pitching ability, and just tell ourselves that we are getting closer to the bullseye with each day of practice.

And one day, we will certainly get there! But it might take some time.. have patience, and all will be good in due time..

To find out more about singing books that help us to develop more of our singing talents, do check out the URL below:

Singing Books URL:

To read up more about me as a vocal instructor making a living in Singapore, check out this URL:

About Me URL:

Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at or use the feedback form available on our Contact Us page.

Those of you who wish to check out the previous issues of our Ezine for other tips on singing can also go to the following URL:

Your Personal Singing Ezine Back-Issues URL:

Keep up your training as a singer, and do also keep me updated about your progress!

~~ Website Work in Progress ~~
1) Next Ezine on 1st August 2013
2) Growing a Stronger Online Community

~~ Ending Words ~~
Here ends Issue #48 of Your Personal Singing Ezine!

I hope that this issue is useful to you, and that you are able to gain some knowledge from what I have written in this Ezine. I always try to provide tips that you can use, in a manner that is easy to understand and apply in daily life.

Do remember to join our Facebook Fan Page so that we can meet each other, and build a stronger online community!

Feel free to email me at
or use the Contact Us page provided on our website if you have any feedback, requests or any questions about singing! I will be glad to reply and also to discuss singing tips with you!

Do also subscribe to the RSS feed provided on my website so as to be constantly updated about the new and exciting content that will appear on Your Personal Singing Guide website!

Also, remember to forward this issue of Your Personal Singing Ezine to your friends and loved ones, and encourage them to come visit our website and join you in your singing practices too!

Singing is always more fun in a community with more people!

The next issue of Your Personal Singing Ezine will be sent to you by 1 August 2013 for sure, but be sure to check back at our website frequently and keep practising your singing!


Aaron Matthew Lim
Your Personal Singing Coach
Your Personal Singing Guide

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