Singing or Vocal Lessons –
Make the Most Out of Them!

Many people take up vocal lessons nowadays, especially with the abundance of singing competitions and TV idol shows like American Idol and other talent contests.

Most of these people come to these singing lessons thinking that all they need to do is show up, and the singing instructor or vocal coach will be able to work wonders with you on the spot.

In fact, students of singing also need to come mentally and physically prepared for lesson, so that the lesson can be effective in achieving results, and also be fun at the same time!

Here are some useful tips to bear in mind:

Tip # 1: Always come to vocal lessons with an objective in mind

As a student, it is important to know what you want to achieve with each lesson with your vocal coach or singing instructor. If you have no idea, your instructor will be the one deciding what you learn.

Sometimes this is a good thing because he or she would have more experience and should be able to guide you on this learning journey. However, you have to make sure that the instructor you hire is a good one, and that you can trust him or her to be able to put you on the right learning path.

It does not hurt though to come to each vocal lesson with an agenda in mind, for example, you might wish to work on your pitching or interval singing, or on your vocal power and strength in projecting your voice!

Your vocal coach would then know what you wish to achieve, and would be able to design a syllabus that is more focussed towards your personal needs!

Tip # 2: Always practice the vocal exercises or vocal warmups given during lessons

Many students come for vocal lessons thinking that one lesson a week is sufficient, or that just working your voice with the instructor during lesson is sufficient to see dramatic and fast improvement in your singing.

The truth is, you need to always practice the vocal exercises and warmups given by your instructor almost everyday, either at your own home or at some location you are comfortable singing at.

Some of you out there may be shy and may not want to disturb others with your singing exercises. In this case, you may wish to do your practices in your own bedroom, or maybe rent a cheap studio or classroom at a good music school in order to be able to practice in peace.

The main point here is, you definitely need to PRACTICE REGULARLY on your own, so that you can gradually see improvement in your singing voice.

Tip # 3: Ask questions if you do not understand, and make sure you get it right during lesson

For exercises or warmups taught during lesson, make sure that youperform them correctly before the lesson is over.

This is because once you are on your own, you would not have your instructor beside you, guiding you to do the correct sounds or drills for your practice. You would need to rely on what you know and remember from the lesson.

That is why it is important for you to get it right during lesson, and to ask questions if you do not understand. Your instructor will be more than happy to answer your questions, because that would mean that you are interested and engaged during lesson!

Vocal exercises or singing warmups performed wrongly could lead to vocal abuse or damage to your vocal cords, so do not take any risk, and make sure you do them correctly all the time!

Check out my website for simple and easy tips for performing vocal warmups correctly, and avoid vocal abuse or damage!

Final Tip # 4: Always come to lesson with a fresh and relaxed body and mind

Some students come for vocal lessons all tired out from work or school, and expect their instructor to cheer them up or to make them feel better. In fact, this is often a waste of the instructor’s valuable time and resources, and is also a waste of the student’s money and time!

A better approach would be to always be well rested and ready for lesson, and to come for class with a fresh mind and healthy body.

Students who are sick or down with fever or flu should also rest at home, because they would be unable to concentrate during lesson anyway. You might also spread the virus or germs to other students in the class, or worse still, spread it to the instructor!

Ok, hopefully these tips are useful in guiding you as a singing and vocal student in achieving maximum results from your vocal lessons.

As a vocal instructor at my music school, I have seen too many students come to class unprepared or unfocussed, and I only wished that they could get their act together, because they would achieve much more if they could do so!

Do remember to keep practising the breathing exercises taught in this website, and also check out the ear training section in this website,because these form the foundations for singing! 

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