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Dear Fellow Singer,

If you have been looking for a way to sing high notes with great ease, extend your vocal range, and achieve a strong and powerful voice, then this could be the most important page that you read all year!

No more frustration over lengthy and tiring vocal training sessions that are just taking too much time to achieve the results you want!

No more expensive and over-inflated payments to celebrity vocal coaches who just seem to be so out of touch with the pains of a layman beginner singer!

Would You Like To

Gain Full Mastery

Of Your Singing Voice?

After singing for a number of years on my own, I had picked up many terrible singing habits.

I was unable to sing more than a few songs each time, before my voice started to crack and I began to hurt badly in my throat.

It felt as though I had swallowed a cactus, pricking me each time I talked, swallowed, or even breathed!

Cactus Voice
I could also feel my voice tiring out, especially after long Karaoke sessions with friends, and often the very next day, my voice would sound hoarse and heavy and I would be unable to sing or even talk properly.

Each time I sang, it felt as though I was towing a 10-ton truck with my tiny vocal folds!

Celebrity Vocal Coaches To The Rescue?

To save my voice and sort out my singing problems, I tried out lessons with various celebrity coaches and tested out singing techniques that were recommended by award winning singers and famous personalities.

I thought that, with the fame and attention these coaches and singers were getting, they had to know something about the voice, and they could teach me what I wanted to learn!

And so, I trusted them wholeheartedly, and performed weird singing exercises that some of these coaches taught:

1. Breathe With Your Pelvic AreaHead Voice Communication
This one is a tricky one. I would have thought that we were supposed to breathe with our lungs and not with our pelvis! We do need good breath support, but breathing with our pelvis is certainly quite impossible to do.

2. Sing With Your Head
We do want to achieve a sweeter head tone, but singing with our head just makes me think of aliens communicating with each other via telepathy or ultrasound.

3. Push Harder To Reach Your Higher Notes
By pushing harder, we make our throats tighten and it becomes even harder for us to sing higher.

Just imagine pushing an elephant with brute force through the tiny eye of a needle!

That’s how it feels like in our throats when we push harder to sing higher. And I’m sure you would have experienced this feeling of tightness and strain whenever you try to sing high with a lot of force.

Big Eyes Baby Girl4. Bend Over And Lean Forward To Sing Higher
This seems to me like some ancient Japanese bowing ritual instead of a way for us to sing better. Plus, it looks really weird for us to ‘bow’ to our audience each time we sing high!

5. Open Your Eyes Bigger To Hit Your High Notes
Now this is really a weird one. It’s almost as if your better singing voice comes straight out of your eyes like lasers? And we end up looking shocked and surprised all the time!

6. ‘Wobble’ Your Voice For A Vibrato
Wobbling only makes you sound older as a singer. Makes you sound and feel all ‘wobbly’.

7. Clenching Your Buttocks When You Sing Higher
Yes, we do need the support of our body when we sing. However, clenching our buttocks tight shouldn’t really be the main focus when we sing high. It does, however, give us rounder buttocks and makes us look better from the rear. 🙂

8. Sit On Your Diaphragm To Get A Stable Voice
This one takes the cake. If anyone can tell me how we can sit on our diaphragm, please do call me and let me know.

Woman with question marks on grey background

Do any of the above tips sound familiar to you?

Have you also had similar experiences with singing coaches, and practiced these same tips in the hope of achieving a better singing voice?

Obviously, none of those ‘singing tips’ worked!

I had paid 5 times more than the price of a regular singing lesson, for these valuable sessions with celebrity coaches and well-known singers, but I had not received any specific advice or techniques that I could use for my own singing voice!

I only received vague replies and interesting imagery and visualization techniques that were not really clear and reliable to me.

Still, I did not give up and I kept searching for a method that I could rely on 100% and teach others how to sort out their own voices.

I wanted to know, for sure, what was happening to my voice when I sang, and how I was making the sounds that I was making.

My Humble Credentials…

In case you’re curious about me and who I am, here’s a brief look into my singing history:

  • Achieved a Diploma of the London College of Music in Popular Music Vocals Performance in the year 2010
  • Launched my very first EP Album in September 2014, consisting of 3 Mandarin original song compositions written by songwriters from my music school

Shou Hu Album Cover

  • Filmed my 1st Mandarin Music Video for my EP Title Song, 守护 (To Protect):

  • In 2007, founded my own music school (Intune Music – specializing in singing courses, providing lessons in Classical Opera, Broadway Singing, Pop Vocals as well as Speech Level Singing

Intune Music Reception

  • In 2008, founded Your-Personal-Singing-Guide.Com, a free online resource for singers all around the world, providing singing tips and resources to singing students everywhere!

Your Personal Singing Guide Banner

  • In 2009, started sending out Your Personal Singing Ezines every month to my subscribers. Currently have 2,500 active subscribers in the mailing list!

And now, you found me…

I Finally Found The Vocal Solutions

I Was Searching For

For More Than A Decade..

After having taught singing for the past 14 years to hundreds, if not thousands of students, and attending countless singing workshops over the years, I finally was able to develop a technique that allowed me to understand my voice deeply and also gain control over the individual aspects of voice production.

I was able to literally unpack my voice and put it together in the way I wanted myself to sound.

This meant that I was finally able to teach myself to improve and gain mastery over my own voice, without any need for expensive vocal lessons with celebrity coaches or famous singers!

And now, I am teaching this technique to you, so you can also gain full mastery over your own voice!



The Ultimate Vocal

Training System !

 Ultimate Vocal Training System

The Ultimate Vocal Training System is a comprehensive voice training system that allows you to tackle not only the technical aspects of your voice, but it also trains your musicality as well as your aural awareness, which many other voice training systems do not do!

Training Topics cover the 5 Main Aspects Of Singing:

1) Breathing And Breath Management For Singing

2) Vocal Warmups And Scales

3) Vocal Exercises For A Better Singing Voice

4) Pitching Training

5) Ear Training And Aural Awareness

Each of these 5 topics have been carefully chosen, so as to cover the 5 main aspects that are crucial for a good singing voice! Each topic is also broken down into sub-topics, so as to go further in-depth in the training, and provide greater awareness and understanding of each aspect of singing.

In this way, you not only get to train the technical aspects of your singing voice, but you will also improve in your overall musicality and aural awareness, and these are 2 extremely important skills that you need to have as a singer!

Click Here To Subscribe To The Ultimate Vocal Training System


What You’ll Learn As A Member..

Rock Singer HappyOk, so now you’re probably asking, “what exactly will I get when I join as a member?”

Let’s start off by saying that you’ll get to learn the exact methods you need to achieve complete mastery over your singing voice!

Also included in this membership section are over 100+ effective exercises for your singing voice.

When you’re ready to achieve your ideal singing voice, what you need is a comprehensive voice training system that doesn’t bring you around in circles and waste your precious time and hard-earned money.

Why pay more than 5 times the price for a celebrity coach, doing so many weird and alien singing exercises that you don’t understand, when you can get effective and simple singing exercises right here with us?

What you need are real tips and sound advice, so you can figure out how to:

  • Solve even the toughest vocal problems through short and effective daily practices of less than 5 minutes in duration each
  • Discover and understand your specific voice type and know which targeted and effective exercises you need to be doing
  • Sing your heart out with friends at karaoke outings without worrying about your voice breaking and cracking halfway due to fatigue, or suffering the painful after-effects of a hoarse and prickly sore throat the very next day
  • Safely avoid the potential long-term damaging effects of vocal abuse, ie loss of vocal range and permanent hoarseness in the voice, due to bad vocal habits and incorrect singing practices
  • Easily produce more than 10 different vocal tones by gaining a deeper understanding of the various individual components of your vocal setup
  • Learn to negotiate your singing ‘passaggio’ or bridge so as to sing through your entire vocal range with greater ease, and lose the shakiness in your voice
  • Achieve a never-before-felt level of confidence in your singing and feel this confidence spread to your speaking voice, allowing your friends to also notice the difference in your daily life
  • Discover the thrill of hitting notes that you never dreamed were possible with your limited vocal knowledge, reaching to a high G for males and a high C for females
  • Expand your ability to add emotion to your singing to produce the most heartfelt performances you have ever done

So, What’s It Going To Cost Me?

By now I’m sure you’re wondering the price of this Ultimate Vocal Training System and I just know that you are going to be pleasantly surprised…

You will be receiving:

1) Over 100+ Effective Exercises For Your Singing Voice

2) More Than 200+ Audio Clips For You To Practise At Your Own Convenience Online

3) Training Videos That Teach You Just How To Do The Exercises Needed

4) Your Complimentary Copy Of ‘Your Personal Singing Ezine‘, Packed With Lots Of Useful Singing Tips!

5) A Targeted Vocal Training System That Will Save You Lots Of Time And Money!

If you hired a vocal coach to help you with your singing, it would take you at least 12 lessons or more (3-6 months minimum) to achieve any significant results.

That’s going to be 12 lessons at $60 – $80 per lesson (a conservative price), adding up to a substantial amount of at least $720 ! 

But, that is NOT how much you will be paying today. 🙂

The original pricing I had set for my vocal training system was a monthly payment of $20. But I do understand why you may not be ready to commit to monthly payments right now. After all, you only just met me!

I am, however, very keen to teach you the vocal techniques that I have spent the past 14 years searching for, and the sense of achievement that I get from being able to do so is a great reward for me already!

This is why I have decided to give you an offer you simply cannot refuse.

For a limited time only, you can try out the Ultimate Vocal Training System for 30 days for the low price of just a one-time payment of $10!

If you do end up loving it (which I think you will), you can then sign up for more.

As you know, I am a vocal coach too, and I have a flourishing business and a packed schedule. But I’m giving you the next best thing, which is FULL ACCESS to my vocal exercises and audio clips library, containing resources that my students are also using during their lessons with me, for a total of 30 days! Plus, you get to practice at your convenience, as and when your schedule allows you to. 

Ultimate-Vocal-Training-SystemBut you need to act fast. Like I said, I’m only making this offer available for a limited time period only, after which I reserve the right to increase the price by at least 100%.

Of course, I do also understand that buying training like this online can be a little unnerving. I cannot count the times I have spent my hard earned money on a course or ebook only to be massively disappointed.

And that’s why I am going to take away ALL of the risk…

Your Decision Today Is Protected By Our

100% Money-Back Guarantee !

I am so confident that when you sign-up and get instant access to everything I listed above you will be ecstatic with the complete and comprehensive training I am providing.

But if for ANY reason in the next 60 days you were unable to understand and practise the voice training exercises and training videos in my ‘Ultimate Vocal Training System’ that I have uploaded just for you, I will immediately refund your entire investment – no questions asked!

You have nothing to lose!Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get Instant Access To The

Ultimate Vocal Training System

Within The Next 5 Minutes !

So if you are ready to get instant access to 100+ of my best vocal training resources and exercises, click the order link below and within 5 minutes of completing your registration you will receive login instructions to my special membership website so you can get started immediately…

Get Instant Access Now !

YES, I want in! I want 30-DAY INSTANT ACCESS to the Ultimate Vocal Training System.

Regular Price $20

Today Only: $10

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Here’s to your healthier and happier singing voice! 🙂

Aaron Matthew
Master Vocal Coach 
Music Producer
Recording Artiste

P.S: If you have ever wanted to sing higher notes, sing your heart out at karaoke outings with friends and colleagues, and smoothen out your voice breaks, then now is your chance to learn what you need to learn to finally achieve your goal. You’ll get instant access to the Ultimate Vocal Training System for just $10!

P.P.S: Remember, your decision today is backed by our money-back guarantee. If you are not amazed by the improvements in your singing abilities, I will refund your $10 without delay. So really, there is literally no risk to you for signing up today.

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