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Microphone, Or Sing With

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Impress Your Friends And Loved Ones

Dear Fellow Singer,

I know a lot of you are doubting whether it is even possible for you to sing with confidence and power, and whether taking an online vocal training system like ours will do anything for your singing voice.

In fact, some of you may have done some singing training on your own, and had some bad experiences, or even seen no improvement at all despite your best efforts!

Some of you may also think that your voice is beyond hope, and are almost at the point of giving up. However, if you are on this page, it means that you still hope to be able to do something about it.

Well, if that is the case, do take the next 5 minutes to read every word below, and then decide if you want to take a big positive step towards improving your singing voice FOREVER!

Hitting Higher Notes Than Before

Hi, I just want to say, thank you very much for providing this site with singing tips & vocal tips!! It has been immensely helpful, I actually notice a lot of difference so far. It has made my singing so much easier and less straining and I can hit higher notes than before.

The piano pieces and demonstrations are great! This website is the only website I go to for singing advice! Cheers! Keep up the great work!


No More Spinning Like A Satellite Dish

I have been waiting so long to find a site like this.... because other sites have been spinning me like a satellite dish haha....but seriously I greatly appreciate all that I’ve learned from u and will continue to learn as I know u will continue to teach...god bless.

Last Chapter


Do You Do Any Of These

5 Fatal Singing Mistakes?

If you have been singing on your own all this while, chances are that you might be making one or more of the following 5 fatal singing mistakes..

Mistake #1: Pushing More Breath Than You Need To

This mistake is actually a very common one amongst singers, and even professional singers are guilty of this one!

It is truly the #1 Mistake that you should aim to avoid, as it will cause you to use much more breath than you actually need to sing, and this will cause you to feel tired in your voice much faster, and even get a prickly and painful sore throat.

In fact, if you carry on using a lot of breath when you sing, you may even end up causing vocal trauma to your vocal folds and get vocal nodules, or even reduce your vocal range permanently.

Nodules are very painful, and they can cause you to feel prickly and painful each time you swallow, breathe or talk..

Cactus Voice
Mistake #2: Singing As Though You Were Speaking

If you are guilty of making this mistake, you may find that each time you sing, your friends or loved ones may ask you to stop ‘shouting’ or ‘speaking’ into the microphone.

They may even find your voice too fierce and too heavy, and request that you stay away from the microphone for the sake of their sensitive ears!

The reason for this is that you are using a voice that is far too thick or heavy for singing, especially when you get to the higher notes in the song.

For higher notes, you need to use a voice that is thinned out and bright, so that your voice will not sound too heavy or loud, and you do not sound as though you are scolding your audience or shouting words at them.

Stop Shouting Into The Microphone

Mistake #3: Singing Off Key Or Singing As Though You Were Tone Deaf

You may tend to sing off key most of the time, or even sound as though you are not listening to the music at all when you are singing, because it just does not sound right when you sing to music.

Sometimes, your friends and loved ones may even tell you that you are tone deaf, and that discourages you greatly from seeking help for your singing, because you think that you are beyond hope.

However, tone deafness really is very rare, and a lot of singers are merely tone-deficient. This means that with the proper singing training and guidance, you can also begin to sing on-key and sound more in tune!

Mistake #4: Neglecting To Train Your Ears For Singing

You may already be doing regular vocal training, or even be taking a course with a vocal coach or an online singing resource. You may also be focussing most of your efforts on singing and producing good sound when you sing, and using your voice in the proper way.

However, you may be neglecting to train your ears for singing, and this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills that singers need to have. 

Without a good set of ears for singing, we are just like a track and field runner who is blindfolded before each race! We need our ears to be able to listen to ourselves, and also to know whether we are singing in tune and on beat.

Woman with question marks on grey background

Mistake #5: Doing The Wrong Vocal Exercises For Your Specific Voice Type

As a singer, do you know your vocal range, and also what sort of voice you have? 

Do you also know what sort of voice type you belong to? For example, do you like to flip into falsetto when you sing high, or do you like to belt your top notes strongly?

If you are not aware of your range and your voice type, then doing the wrong vocal exercises may not do you any good.

In fact, some of the vocal exercises may even cause you to lose your natural in-born singing advantage, and cause you to be a worse singer than before!

Singer grabbing a fiery mic

Discover The Singer’s Voice

That Lies Hidden In You !

The above were just 5 of the many mistakes that you may be making..

And I’m sure that you probably could identify with at least ONE of them. Some of you may even have identified with all of the 5 mistakes..

But, the good news is that these mistakes can be overcome with proper training and guidance.

Just because you have made one or more of the above mistakes, does not condemn you to forever be a lousy singer, or forever not be able to achieve the singing voice that you desire!

As a singer myself, I know that all we singers want is just to be able to sing better.

In fact, for singing enthusiasts like ourselves, we only want to keep improving on our own singing, and be able to sing confidently and proudly in front of others!

We also want to be able to sing more challenging songs as time goes by, and push our vocal abilities further.

Because it just feels good to be able to sing the songs we love, and we just want to be able to share our voice with others, and have fun with our friends through song and music..

Now’s the time to discover the Singer’s Voice that lies hidden within you..


About Me And My Singing Profession..

In case you’re curious about me and who I am, here’s a brief look into my singing history:

Aaron Matthew Lim Collage 1

  • Full-Time Professional Vocal Coach in Singapore for the past 14 years.. and counting..
  • Perform regularly at professional performance venues like Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Esplanade Recital Studio, Esplanade Concourse, The Arts House, Switch by Timbre and many others


  • Media Coverage on Mediacorp TV Channel 8 狮城有约, Straits Times LIFE Newspaper, Mandarin newspaper publications, Radio Stations 933FM and 972FM and more 
  • Acquired a Diploma of the London College of Music in Popular Music Vocals Performance in the year 2010
  • Launched my solo EP Album in September 2014, consisting of 3 Mandarin original song compositions written by songwriters from my music school


Shou Hu Album Cover

  • Filmed my 1st Mandarin Music Video for my EP Title Song, 守护 (To Protect):

  • In 2007, founded my own music school (Intune Music – specializing in singing courses, providing lessons in Classical Opera, Broadway Singing, Pop Vocals as well as Speech Level Singing. The school is currently in its 8th year of operations, with thousands of students walking through our doors each year!

Intune Music Reception

  • In 2008, in order to share my knowledge with singers all around the world, I founded Your-Personal-Singing-Guide.Com, a free online resource for singers all around the world, providing singing tips and resources to singing students everywhere!

Your Personal Singing Guide Banner

  • In 2009, I started sending out Your Personal Singing Ezines every month to my subscribers. Currently we have 3,300 active subscribers in the mailing list benefiting from the free singing tips and advice I send them regularly!

And now, I’m here to help you.. 🙂

Learning Across Countries

I just wanted to say I find your website extremely helpful. I am trying to help a friend strengthen her voice via the internet (we live hundreds of miles away) and your site has many great examples and exercises for her to try! Thank you!

United States

No More Trouble With My Jaw

I am sooo happy to have found your site. I have had so much trouble relaxing my jaw and just haven’t been able to “feel” the way to do it. That exercise about dropping your head back and letting your jaw drop was phenomenal!!! I have a vocal coach, but have just become a regular groupie. Thanks for helping all of us out and sharing your wisdom, hints and encouragement.

United States


Achieve A Singing Voice

You Can Be Proud Of !

Over the past 14 years, I’ve cracked my brain over a lot of singing techniques from various singing schools of thought.

I’ve also spent countless dollars trying out singing lessons and online classes, as well as buying books about singing to learn more about my voice and what is going on when I am singing.

All this was done because I was truly passionate about teaching singing to others, and I wanted to provide my students with the best knowledge that I could.

I wanted to have the quickest and most targeted solutions for the vocal problems that my students had, so that I did not waste their time during lessons.

As the years progressed, I finally developed a singing syllabus which I felt was good enough for my students, and I also tested it out on my students too.

And now, I am proud to inform you that you can now get the same content and resources that I provide for my private singing students. 🙂


The Secret To Making

Strangers Crave Your

Singing And Become

Your Hard-Core Fans!

 Ultimate Vocal Training System

The Ultimate Vocal Training System is a comprehensive set of vocal exercises and audio resources that will provide targeted solutions to vocal problems that you are facing, allowing you to achieve breakthroughs of 3 notes or more in your vocal range, sing with more emotion using just 1 simple trick, and also to hit your singing pitches with close-to-bullseye accuracy!

You will get lesson content and resources for the 5 Main Aspects Of Singing that all singers need to know:

1) Breathing And Breath Management For Singing

2) Vocal Warmups And Scales

3) Vocal Exercises For A Better Singing Voice

4) Pitching Training

5) Ear Training And Aural Awareness

Each of these 5 topics has been carefully chosen, so as to provide an all-rounded learning experience for you as a singer, giving you the basic foundations of pitching, ear training and aural awareness, and yet also challenging your voice with many vocal exercises of varying difficulty levels. 

Each topic is also broken down into many sub-topics, so that you will be able to gain a more in-depth understanding of your own singing voice, and become a more confident singer in the next 30 days!

Ultimately, even strangers who hear you sing will come up to you and compliment you on your singing, and instantly become your hard-core fans. 🙂

Click Here To Subscribe To The
Ultimate Vocal Training System


Your Benefits As An

Ultimate Vocal Trainee..

Rock Singer HappyOk, so if you’re still reading this now, you are probably thinking that this could possibly be something good for you..

That finally, there is hope for your singing, and you now have a chance to achieve the singing voice you always dreamed of having..

But you’re still not very sure about what you will get as an Ultimate Vocal Trainee.

Well, let’s start off by saying that you’ll get to learn the exact methods you need to achieve complete mastery over your singing voice!

Included in this membership section are over 200+ effective exercises and valuable audio training resources that I have used in my lessons with my students, and are tested and proven to be effective.

What you get is a comprehensive voice training system that doesn’t bring you around in circles and waste your precious time and hard-earned money.

Here is what you will learn as an Ultimate Vocal Trainee:

  • Solve even the toughest vocal problems through short and effective daily practices of less than 5 minutes in duration each
  • Discover and understand your specific voice type and know which targeted and effective exercises you need to be doing
  • Sing your heart out with friends at karaoke outings without worrying about your voice breaking and cracking halfway due to fatigue, or suffering the painful after-effects of a hoarse and prickly sore throat the very next day
  • Safely avoid the potential long-term damaging effects of vocal abuse, ie loss of vocal range and permanent hoarseness in the voice, due to bad vocal habits and incorrect singing practices
  • Easily produce more than 10 different vocal tones by gaining a deeper understanding of the various individual components of your vocal setup
  • Learn to negotiate your singing ‘passaggio’ or bridge so as to sing through your entire vocal range with greater ease, and lose the shakiness and gaps in your voice
  • Achieve a never-before-felt level of confidence in your singing and feel this confidence spread to your speaking voice, allowing your friends to also notice the difference in how you go about your daily life
  • Discover the thrill of hitting notes that you never dreamed were possible with your limited vocal knowledge, reaching to a high G for males and a high C for females
  • Expand your ability to add emotion to your singing to produce the most heartfelt performances you have ever done

Your Personal Singing Guide Banner

In addition to all the exercises and resources in my training system, one of the most valuable resources that you will have access to, is ME !

I will be providing you with personalized advice via email (within 2-3 working days), and you will be able to ask me any questions regarding your voice, or even get me to view your youtube singing and give you valuable comments. This certainly will be extremely useful to you, and you will be able to clarify any doubts you may have about the training, and also regarding how you should proceed so as to best make use of my training system.

So, What’s It Going To Cost Me?

By now I’m sure you’re wondering about the price of this Ultimate Vocal Training System and I just know that you are going to be pleasantly surprised when I tell you…

Let’s first talk about what you will be receiving:

1) Over 100+ Effective Exercises For Your Singing Voice

2) More Than 200+ Audio Clips For You To Practise At Your Own Convenience Online

3) Supplementary Training Videos That Teach You Just How To Do The Exercises Needed

4) Your Complimentary Copy Of ‘Your Personal Singing Ezine‘, Packed With Lots Of Useful Singing Tips

5) A Targeted, Tested and Proven Vocal Training System That Will Save You Lots Of Time And Money

6) Personalized Advice from A Professional Vocal Coach (ME) Via Email (Reply Will Take Only 2-3 Working Days)

It will be just as though I were right by your side, helping you to do the vocal exercises in my training system!

If you hired a vocal coach to help you with your singing, it would take you at least 24 lessons or more (3-6 months minimum) to achieve any significant results. (a conservative estimate)

That’s going to be 24 lessons at $60 – $80 per lesson (a conservative price), adding up to a very substantial amount of at least $1,440 ! 

But, that is NOT how much you will be paying today. 🙂

The original pricing I had set for my vocal training system was a monthly payment of $37. But I do understand why you may not be ready to commit to huge monthly payments right now. After all, you only just met me!

I am, however, very keen to teach you the vocal techniques that I have spent the past 14 years searching for, and the sense of achievement that I get from being able to do so is a great reward for me already!

This is why I have decided to give you an offer you simply cannot refuse.

For all readers who purchase my system from this page, you get to enjoy a special introductory price of USD $19 monthly! (This is a 48% discount from the original price, just for you.)

This limited time offer is only available now, and only to you readers who subscribe to our training system from this page. 

As you know, I am a vocal coach too, and I have a flourishing business and a packed schedule. But I’m giving you the next best thing, which is FULL ACCESS to my vocal exercises and audio clips library, containing resources that my students are also using during their lessons with me! Plus, you get to practice at your convenience, as and when your schedule allows you to. 

And, you get private access to me and my expertise via email, through which i will be able to guide you personally every step of the way, and ensure that you achieve great improvements in your singing training!

Ultimate-Vocal-Training-SystemBut you need to act fast. Like I said, I’m only making this offer available for a limited time period only, after which I reserve the right to increase the price back to its original price of $37 monthly.

Of course, I do also understand that buying training like this online can be a little unnerving. I cannot count the times I have spent my hard earned money on a course or ebook only to be massively disappointed.

And that’s why I am going to take away ALL of the risk…

Your Decision Today Is Protected By Our

100% Money-Back Guarantee !

I am so confident that when you sign-up and get instant access to everything I listed above you will be ecstatic with the complete and comprehensive training I am providing.

But if for ANY reason in the next 60 days you were unable to understand and practise the voice training exercises and training videos in my ‘Ultimate Vocal Training System’ that I have uploaded just for you, I will immediately refund your entire investment – no questions asked!

You have nothing to lose!Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get Instant Access To The

Ultimate Vocal Training System

Within The Next 5 Minutes !

So if you are ready to get instant access to 200+ of my best vocal training resources and exercises, learn more than 100+ of my most effective vocal exercises, and receive personalized guidance and advice from me via email, click the order link below and within 5 minutes of completing your registration you will receive login instructions to my special membership website so you can get started immediately…

Get Instant Access To The

Ultimate Vocal Training System Now !

YES, I want in! I want 30-DAY INSTANT ACCESS to the Ultimate Vocal Training System.

Regular Price : $37 monthly

Today Only: $19 monthly (save 48%!)

Click the Add To Cart Button and Start Working On Your Singing Voice Today …

addtocart-style1Add To Cart

Here’s to your healthier and happier singing voice! 🙂

Aaron Matthew
Your Personal Singing Guide

P.S: If you have ever wanted to sing your heart out at karaoke outings with friends and colleagues, attract the admiration of complete strangers when you sing, and achieve vocal breakthroughs of 3 notes or more in your vocal range, then now is your chance to learn what you need to learn to finally achieve your goal. You’ll get instant access to the Ultimate Vocal Training System for just $19 per month! (which really is a very small sum to pay for the benefits that you see before you..)

P.P.S: Remember, your decision today is backed by our money-back guarantee. If you are not amazed by the improvements in your singing abilities, I will refund your $19 without delay. So really, there is literally no risk to you for signing up today.

Get Instant Access To The

Ultimate Vocal Training System Now !

YES, I want in! I want 30-DAY INSTANT ACCESS to the Ultimate Vocal Training System.

Regular Price : $37 monthly

Today Only: $19 monthly (save 48%!)

Click the Add To Cart Button and Start Working On Your Singing Voice Today …

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