Useful Singing Tips
For A Great Vocal Warmup!

I have compiled these useful singing tips for warming up our voices over the past few years of teaching all sorts of vocal students, ranging from young children to working adults and mature clientele too.

These singing tips for warmup are meant to give us a general guideline as to how we can warm up our voice, especially early in the morning or before we actually sing, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to our vocal cords, and build a strong and healthy voice for singing! Do also check out the various vocal warmup exercises we can practise, to keep our voices supple and strong!

Singing Warmup Tip 1:

Always start in a lower key when warming up, especially in the morning when our voices are not warmed up yet. Our vocal cords would have spent the last 8-10 hours resting while we were sleeping, and it would not be wise to subject our voice to too much strain by singing too high early in the morning!

You would probably wish to start at as low a key as possible, and slowly work your way up to the higher ranges. You might find yourself a little out of breath too, as our diaphragm and its surrounding muscles may not be warmed up as well. To help them get warmed up, you might also wish to do some basic breathing exercises too!

Singing Warmup Tip 2:

Start your vocal warmups with the ‘Lip Trill’ or ‘Bubble’ exercise, whether you are warming up your voice in the morning, or warming up your voice before a vocal lesson or a public performance.

The lip trill or ‘bubble’ exercise is extremely useful in warming up our voices, and it also subjects our vocal cords to less tension than necessary, making it safer and easier for us to sing through our entire range without hurting our voice! Click on the respective links to understand more about this useful vocal warmup exercise!

Singing Warmup Tip 3:

Begin your warmup exercises by running through short scales or smaller intervals. This will subject your vocal cords to less stretch and strain, which is especially important for us if we are warming up our voices in the morning, when our vocal cords are not warmed up at all. Only after we have completed the shorter scales, should we then attempt the full scales as well as larger intervals to give our vocal cords a more complete stretch!

I have compiled some basic musical scales that are very useful for warming up our voices, and also some other more advanced musical scales and intervals to challenge our voices further!

Singing Warmup Tip 4:

Always drink sufficient water and maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating well and getting constant exercise too. The quality of our singing voice is deeply related to the overall health of our body, and we would be doing our voice a great deal of good by keeping ourselves fit and healthy!

There are also many useful voice care tips available in this website, and these will help us to understand how to take proper care of our voice, so that we can keep singing for a long time to come!

With these singing tips for warmup in mind, we will be able to avoid unnecessary damage to our voices, and develop great vocal habits for a strong and healthy singing voice!

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