Winning at Singing Competitions
and Contests!

For those of us who take part in singing competitions regularly, we would know that it is relatively easier for contestants to get through the initial audition round of the contest.

After all, it is only ONE audition, and as long as we can sing that ONE song well, we will most probably make it through.

However, not many of us are able to keep impressing the judges and make it through round after round, and reach the grand finals of the competition!

And, only ONE person will eventually WIN that competition!

This is why I am providing the tips on this page, to help everyone to make it through as many rounds as you can!

In fact, you might even be the one to win that competition! (After all, somebody needs to win it.. so why not you?)

Here are some effective tips for conquering that singing competition or contest:

Competition Tip # 1: Make it through that Initial Audition Round!

For you to be able to win any competition, you have to first make it through that initial audition round!

It is extremely important to make an impression at the word ‘Go’, and give the judges a reason to invite you back for subsequent rounds in the competition!

Otherwise, all your hard work and preparation would amount to nothing…

Check out the audition tips that I have provided in another section of this website, to help you ace that singing audition and to stand a higher chance of reaching the 2nd round of any competition or contest!

Also, learn to manage your stagefright or performance anxiety with these useful tips that i have provided for you on this website!

One additional tip for those of us who are seasoned contestants is to reserve your best songs for the later rounds of the competition.

It is not wise for us to show the judges our best song right at the start of the singing competition, because they would then have nothing else to look forward to as the competition goes on!

In fact, the judges may think that you are not improving or are not working hard enough during the competition, and may let you go because of that!

So, be smart about your competition songs, and only field those songs that you think will help you to make it through the respective round of the competition.

Hold back on showing your fullest potential, and reveal more and more of your singing ability as you progress in the singing competition, so as to keep surprising the judges!

Competition Tip # 2: Show Versatility in your Singing Abilities

For most singing competitions, the judges are usually looking out for a versatile singer, someone who is able to handle a variety of song genres and repertoire!

It certainly would not help much if you are only able to sing slow love ballad songs, and are unable to sing any other genres of songs!

Unless of course you are able to sing those love songs so well that your audience cries every time they listen to you…

So, do try to show some versatility in your singing and try to master at least 2 – 3 song genres, so that you have more skills to utilize during those competition rounds!

To learn more about how to improve your singing and make it more versatile, check out these books that I have reviewed on my website!

Competition Tip # 3: Know your Singing Competition!

Understand the competition that you are taking part in, and know your target audience.

If you know who are the judges beforehand, that will be a great help too because you will then be able to choose songs that the judges may like to hear!

For nation-wide competitions that are looking out for the next biggest star, you would have to choose songs that showcase your unique personality and character, because nobody wants to choose a copycat as the next biggest star!

However, for competitions that are all about imitating a certain star or singer, you would of course score lots of points for being able to copy that singer’s singing style and look too!

So, understand the theme and aim of the singing competitions that you take part in, and decide what kind of songs would give you the greatest advantage!

Competition Tip # 4: Show Originality in your Songs!

For most singing contests out there (except for those that require you to imitate certain singers), judges are on the lookout for fresh and original takes on popular cover songs.

This means that you would have to inject your own character and musical style into the songs that you sing!

One great example is that of David Cook in American Idol 2008, where he sang a wonderful rocker’s rendition of Mariah Carey’s song, “Always Be My Baby”!

It was a big risk that paid off, and was one of the many great song performances that resulted in him winning American Idol 2008!

So, be sure of yourself and the music you love, and take calculated risks when performing songs during a singing competition.

Make sure that the songs still sound familiar, but yet have a little twist that reflects your personality and talent as a musician and singer!

That will ensure that the judges will keep asking you back for every round of the competition, because they want to see what other talents you have as a singer!

Now, do bear in mind the above tips and you would be able to make it through to more rounds in any singing competition, and possibly win that competition of your dreams too!

Do also be sure to practice your vocal warmups diligently so that you can develop a better singing voice and do well at all your singing contests!

Do not forget to thank me when you do WIN that coveted competition, and I wish you all the best as a singer!

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