Singing Out Of Tune –
How Do You Cure
Tone Deafness?

As a professional vocal instructor, I have come across a great many students who sing out of tune. Some even thought that they were Tone Deaf and unable to sing in pitch at all!

The truth of the matter is, it is very very rare to be purely Tone Deaf. I have been teaching singing for a number of years now, and I have not encountered a single tone-deaf student as yet!

I’m not kidding! ;-p

In fact, most of us are only tonally challenged, and we only need to do some pitching exercises, aural training as well as familiarisation with basic musical scales and pitches, in order to be able to sing in pitch consistently!

There are a variety of reasons why we may sing out of tune.

One, we may not be familiar with the notes or pitches that we are singing, or even the specific vocal range that the song is in.

For example, a song may have a great number of pitch jumps, and we may not know how to sing these changes in pitch. Some proper training in musical scales and intervals will be able to strengthen our ability to sing different pitches, as well as know how to vocalize these various tunes in a song!

Two, we may not be familiar with the vocal register or vocal positioning that we should use when we sing certain pitches.

For example, if i were to ask a male student to sing a high ‘E’ or ‘F’ note, he may sometimes not be able to sing it and will probably go off pitch, because he is unfamiliar with his higher vocal registers or his nasal and head vocal ranges.

Some exercises in finding these vocal registers and singing positions, as well as various vocal warmup exercises should be able to help these students to be able to hit these high pitches well, and not to sound too off key for those notes.

We may also not be aware of the breath support necessary for hitting or even projecting certain notes that we sing, especially for the higher ranges of our voice. This may cause us to produce unsupported notes, resulting in our singing going out of tune!

Some basic breathing exercises as well as understanding how our breath support affects our singing will be able to aid us in solving this problem.

Three, we may not be used to listening to our voice and how it blends with the music while we are singing, which is actually an extremely important skill for singers!

Sometimes when we sing, we focus too much only on what we sing, instead of making sure that what we sing matches the music accompaniment for the song that we are singing! This causes us to go out of pitch without us noticing at all!

Some training in listening and aural awareness will be able to help these students to be more aware of their pitches when they sing, as well as to be able to listen to the musical harmonies in the song, and make sure that their voice is in tune with the music accompaniment of the song!

Singing out of tune is certainly not incurable, and there are a great variety of pitching tips and techniques available to help us solve whatever pitching problem we may have!

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