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3) UPDATED Website Section: Pitching Exercises

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4) RESOURCE Website Section: Vocal Warmups

Vocal Warmups to help you stretch your vocals before you sing, so as to avoid vocal abuse.

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Personal Singing Tips!

1) Vocal Tip #23 – Is There Really Such A Thing As A Bad or Wrong Singing Voice?

2) Pitching Tip #19 – Can Anyone Truly Be Tone Deaf?

~~ Enjoy Issue #21 of Your Personal Singing Ezine! ~~

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~~ Latest Updates ~~

– 1 –

Message from Your Personal Singing Coach:

“Welcome all fellow singers, vocal coaches and singing students!

21 issues of Your Personal Singing Ezine have been sent out since the day I started this website, and I believe that thousands of people all around the world are benefiting from this Ezine!

I am certainly grateful for being able to pursue my passions in singing and to build a career around this, with my own music school and also with this singing website.

Over the next few years, I plan to upgrade my knowledge in singing by taking up certification courses, and also by opening up my eyes to other ways of teaching singing.

This will certainly make me busier than I am now, but I promise to keep updating this website with what I have learnt, and also to give you wonderful and original singing tips each and every time I send out an Ezine.

All I am asking is that you join Your Personal Singing Guide’s Facebook Group

, and get your friends to join too. Help me to spread the word to everyone in the world, so that my website can begin to touch lives that I can’t even begin to imagine right now.

Do enjoy the tips that I am providing for you in this 21st issue of this Ezine, and feel free to share Your Personal Singing Ezine with your friends and loved ones, or better still, get them to come and subscribe to their very own Personal Singing Ezine! I will be glad to share my singing tips and pointers with them too!

If you wish to share with your friends the back-issues of our Ezine, feel free to do so too:


Also, if you feel that our website is really beneficial to you, please do let us know by dropping us an email through our Contact Us section on the website! Your comments will be greatly appreciated!”

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron Matthew Lim

Your Personal Singing Coach

– 2 –

FACEBOOK GROUP for all supporters and fans of Your Personal Singing Guide

For those of you who subscribe to our Personal Singing Ezine, do make it a point to join our Facebook Group for readers of Your Personal Singing Guide.

This facebook group allows us to keep in contact with each other online, and also to discuss various topics about singing and music.

Basically, we can build an online music community, but I do need your help for this. Hopefully you can join this facebook group, and also get your friends and family to join too!

I am sure it will be fun to interact with people from all around the world, and exchange pointers and contacts with musicians and singers from every part of the globe!

So, do check out the URL below and join our facebook group now!

Your Personal Singing Guide Facebook Group URL:


Thank you for your help, and I hope that our music community keeps growing by the minute!

– 3 –

UPDATED Website Section: Pitching Exercises

I have finally found some time to update the drills and exercises in this section, and you will find that I have added more music for everyone to use and practise!

This updated music can be found in the sections on ‘Major Scales’ and ‘Minor Scales’, and it consists of more practice music, ranging from a wider range of keys.

I will continue to find time to update more of the drills on the website, so that it can become more useful for everyone in your daily singing practice, so do keep checking back with our website to find out the latest updates!

The pitching exercises in this section are fairly simple and easy to use, and you can follow the instructions I have laid out in the relevant webpage. However, do be careful not to strain your voice, and also not to practise too hard and end up with a sore throat. The best guideline is that if your throat hurts, you are certainly doing something wrong, and you should stop immediately.

Ok, check out the section on Pitching Exercises now, and start off your singing education:

Pitching Exercises URL:


– 4 –

RESOURCE Website Section: Vocal Warmups

A lot of my students ask me, “Why do we have to do warmups? Can’t we just sing straightaway and let the voice warm itself up in the process?”

My answer to that is, “Would you dive straight in to strenuous exercises or weights at the gym, without first doing some stretching or running as a warmup exercise?”

If you answered “No” to the question above, then you understand the importance of warming up before you exercise, and you would now understand why we have to do it for singing as well.

Singing is just as strenuous and tiring as any exercise in the gym, and it is even more important for us to do warmups before singing because of how fragile our vocal instrument is.

The vocal cords need to be well stretched, and the muscles controlling the cords need to also be more aware of how much tension to use when singing.

This of course has to be kept to a minimum, and so it is easier to teach your vocal muscles, when they are well stretched, instead of when they are cold and stiff.

So, be sure to do your vocal warmups before you sing, and you will see the difference in your singing voice!

Ok, do check out the vocal warmups on my website now, and begin your learning experience:

Vocal Warmups URL:


– 5 –

COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach!

Do make use of the Contact Us page on our website, for those of you who wish to ask me questions about singing, or would wish to let us know how great a job we are doing with our website.

We welcome all your comments, and hope to hear from you regularly regarding our website and how we can improve!

I would also like to invite those of you who would wish for me to answer any burning questions about singing, to write in using the online form here and let me know what your questions are.

I will certainly do my very best to answer them, and maybe some of your queries will find their way onto our
website section for Singing FAQ!

Do also let us know what you wish to see on our website, and we will try our best to make the improvements as quickly as we can!

In fact, many of you have already sent in your positive feedback, and I certainly look forward to receiving more from all you readers out there!

Do take note that for the security word challenge, you will need to type the word in CAPITAL LETTERS exactly as it appears, or you will not be able to send us your comments and we would have missed out on valuable feedback from you!

Click on the link below to send us your comments and feedback!

Contact Us URL:


~~ Personal Singing Tips! ~~

– 1 –

Vocal Tip #23 – Is There Really Such A Thing As A Bad or Wrong Singing Voice?

As a full-time vocal coach and music school owner, I find myself faced with this question when I listen to all the singers in the world today.

Is there really such a thing as a bad or wrong singing voice?

I know a lot of you will be protesting right now, telling me that, “OF COURSE THERE IS!”

Or is there? Is it really so easy to decide what is good and what is bad in the world of singing?

Instinctively, you know what I am really asking. We sometimes listen to the radio or youtube, and we may dislike a singer’s voice or tone, or complain why the singer likes to screech or scream.

However, somewhere in this huge world, we will certainly find fans of this singer, and we might even discover that he or she is hugely popular in their own country!!

And there we were, complaining about how terrible that singer sings…

So how can we claim to know what is a good or bad singing voice? And who decides this?

For me, as a professional, I have to decide using professional means and advise students not to practise any techniques that will destroy or harm their singing voice.

This of course includes screaming (for rock songs) and also including throaty sounds into their singing (which many singers also like to do).

Basically, anything that could harm or hurt the voice over the long term.

However, sometimes I do toe the line a little and tell my students that, yes it is ok to sing in certain ways that may not be that good for the voice.

But you would most certainly have to pay the price later on in terms of vocal fatigue or soreness, and you will have to do certain exercises to get your voice back on track again.

So, after hearing my few cents’ worth, you decide for yourselves what you feel is a good way to determine what a good or bad singing voice is.

And only then will you be able to find sanity in this world as a singer.

To find out more about some useful vocal exercises that you can use to train your voice, do visit the URL below:

Vocal Exercises URL:


Of course, we also need to train our listening ability so that our ears are sharper and able to pick out subtle differences in tone and pitch.

Check out the URL below for the section on Ear Training exercises:

Ear Training URL:


– 2 –

Pitching Tip #19 – Can Anyone Truly Be Tone Deaf?

Recently i read an article about singing, and it posed the question that is the topic of this pitching tip.

“Can Anyone by Truly Tone Deaf??”

Honestly, in my 8 years as a professional vocal coach, I have never met a tone deaf student.

And this is after having taught at least hundreds if not thousands of students over those 8 years.

Technically, if a person can talk in different tones, meaning that he does not sound totally monotonous, then he is NOT tone deaf.

Unless of course he talks totally like a robot, having only one note when he talks, then it probably means that he is tone deaf, since he is unable to talk in any other tones.

However, we could also argue that tone deafness has nothing to do with tone production, so a person could be tone deaf and yet still be able to talk in different pitches or tones.

Hmm… I guess the only way we can really find out is by testing the student with ear training exercises, and evaluating whether they can really hear the tones needed for singing!

For those who are interested to know how to do this, check out this URL now:

Ear Training URL:


Personally, as a vocal coach, I am certainly extremely intrigued by this term called ‘tone deafness’, and I would love to meet a truly ‘tone deaf’ person.

This is because I would then be able to ascertain whether there is truly such a thing as tone deafness, and I will also be able to see if I can help this student cure his affliction!

I think I’ll just cross my fingers and pray that this student comes to me soon! ;-p

To find out more about singing books that help us to develop our overall singing ability, do check out the URL below:

Singing Books URL:


To find out more about other basic singing FAQ that singers may have, check out this URL:

Singing FAQ URL:


Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at enquiry@your-personal-singing-guide.com or use the feedback form available on our Contact Us page.

Those of you who wish to check out the previous issues of our Ezine for other tips on singing can also go to the following URL:

Your Personal Singing Ezine Back-Issues URL:


Keep up your training as a singer, and do also keep me updated about your progress!

~~ Website Work in Progress ~~

1) Consolidating Information
2) Updating Website Resources

~~ Ending Words ~~

Here ends Issue #21 of Your Personal Singing Ezine!

I hope that this issue is useful to you, and that you are able to gain some knowledge from what I have written in this Ezine. I always try to provide tips that you can use, in a manner that is easy to understand and apply in daily life.

Do remember to join our facebook group so that we can finally meet each other, and share our interests and ideas online!

Feel free to email me at
or use the Contact Us page provided on our website if you have any feedback, requests or any questions about singing! I will be glad to reply and also to discuss singing tips with you!

Do also subscribe to the RSS feed provided on my website so as to be constantly updated about the new and exciting content that will appear on Your Personal Singing Guide website!

Also, remember to forward this issue of Your Personal Singing Ezine to your friends and loved ones, and encourage them to come visit our website and join you in your singing practices too!

Singing is always more fun in a community with more people!

Your Personal Singing Ezine will be back in another 6 weeks’ time, but be sure to check back at our website frequently and keep practising your singing!

Aaron Matthew Lim
Your Personal Singing Coach
Your Personal Singing Guide

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