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Latest Updates

1) Message from Your Personal Singing Coach

2) Your Personal Singing Guide has been Stumbled Upon!

3) Brand NEW Website Section! Singing Books!

o Check out some personal recommendations from Your Personal Singing Coach for effective and useful Singing Books and resources!

4) Brand NEW Website Section! Ear Training!

o Learn how to train your aural awareness through targeted ear training exercises that train your pitch sense, interval recognition and singing as well as major and minor sound recognition!

5) FEATURED Website Section! Vocal Exercises!

o Learn all about the most effective Vocal Exercises that target your Vocal Range, Vocal Flexibility as well as Vocal Sustain too!

6) COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach!

o Send us your comments and compliments! Let us know what you want to see on our website! We will do our best to oblige your request!

Personal Singing Tips

1) Rhythm Training Tip #1 – Keeping to the Beat of the Song

2) Vocal Training Tip #5 – Vowels Help to Focus our Voice Training!

3) Pitching Training Tip #3 – Singing Intervals with Songs… Continued!

~~ Enjoy Issue #3 of Your Personal Singing Ezine! ~~

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~~ Latest Updates ~~

– 1 –

Message from Your Personal Singing Coach:

“Welcome all fellow singers and singing students!

I hope that the previous TWO issues of Your Personal Singing Ezine were useful to you in your singing journey! For those of you who missed out on these 2 issues, you can check out the back-issues of our Ezine at the following URL:

Ezine Back-Issues URL:


Our 3rd issue here is packed with NEW and EXCITING updates!!

First up, we have TWO brand-new sections available on our website: Singing Books and Ear Training!

These 2 sections provide you with many useful vocal training resources, as well as ear training exercises to help you to sing more in tune and on-beat with more confidence!

I have also added a new tip category – Rhythm Training Tips – for those of us who have difficulty keeping to the beat of the song, or who always tend to sing too fast or too slow!

Some of our dear readers have also added our site to Stumble Upon!, a website function that helps readers forward the websites they like to their friends and also to the online community! Read more about this in a later section of this Ezine!

I am also working on a FREE Ebook Resource for all you Ezine subscribers, to thank you for your support for our website! Do keep a lookout for this in the upcoming issues of our Ezine!

So, feel free to share Your Personal Singing Ezine with your friends, or better still, get them to come and subscribe to their very own Personal Singing Ezine so that they can start receiving their EXCLUSIVE singing tips in their emails immediately!”

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron Matthew Lim
Your Personal Singing Coach

– 2 –

Your Personal Singing Guide has been Stumbled Upon!

o Some of our dear readers have added our website on Stumble Upon!, allowing many others in the world to access our website and learn about the great singing tips that we have here!

Stumble Upon allows people to share their favourite websites with everyone, and also lets people Stumble through websites from selected topics, providing a more targeted and effective search experience!

I must admit, I got quite a shock when I saw our website traffic results jump! But it was a very pleasant surprise, and I am happy that our readers are spreading the love for singing to more people out there!

So, for those of us who know of other wonderful websites or functions like Stumble Upon!, feel free to recommend our website to them, and watch our singing community grow!

To find out more about Stumble Upon! click on the following URL:

Stumble Upon! URL:

– 3 –

Brand NEW Website Section! Singing Books!

o There are many singing books and resources available for singers and students online or at your local bookstores or music stores!

But, how do you know which of these books are really effective or useful for our vocal training?

I am proud to announce that our website has added a new section that I like to call: Your Personal Singing Books Guide!

In this section, I recommend certain books and resources that I have personally found useful for vocal training! In fact, I own many of the books or resources that I have recommended, and I may even use them in my everyday lessons or training too!

Do check out some of these resources and I am sure you will be back for more!

Click on the link below to visit this useful section on Singing Books!

Singing Books URL:

– 4 –

Brand NEW Website Section! Ear Training!

o Ear Training is absolutely essential if you wish to acquire a singing voice that is in tune, and also on-beat with the music of the songs that you sing!

That is why I have provided our readers with this new section on Ear Training, which trains our ability to recognise and sing pitches, identify and sing intervals, and also repeat the melodies that you hear!

These are abilities and skills that all singers should have, because we need to be able to remember tunes quickly, and even improvise on favourite tunes on the spot!

Interval recognition is also an important skill to have, and I will touch on this topic later on in this Ezine, under our Pitching Training Tip #3!

Click on the link below to visit our section on ‘Ear Training’!

Ear Training URL:


– 5 –

FEATURED Website Section! Vocal Exercises!

o Learn all about some useful Vocal Exercises to Extend your Vocal Range, Train Vocal Flexibility as well as Vocal Sustain too!

First, know what you are trying to achieve with your vocal training. Are you looking for a wider vocal range, or for greater pitch accuracy and flexibility in your voice?

Then, embark on the specific vocal exercise that will aid you in what you wish to achieve, and keep working at it so that you will see improvement in that specific area!

With these vocal exercises that target each of the main aspects of our singing voice, you will certainly achieve a better singing voice in no time!

Click on the link below to visit this useful section on Vocal Exercises!

Vocal Exercises URL:


– 6 –

COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach!

o After setting up our Contact Us page on our website, I have received many emails from our readers regarding the tips on our website, and I have also received many ideas about what to write!

Do keep these ideas coming, and let us know what you wish to see on our website, and we will try our best to make the improvements as quickly as we can!

Do take note that for the security word challenge, you will need to type the word in ‘CAPITAL LETTERS’ exactly as it appears, or you will not be able to send us your comments and we would have missed out on valuable feedback from you!

Click on the link below to send us your comments and feedback!

Contact Us URL:


~~ Personal Singing Tips ~~

– 1 –

Rhythm Training Tip #1 – Keeping to the Beat of the Song!

I have set up this new category of training tips for those of us who may have difficulty singing to the rhythm of the song, often singing too quickly or too slowly!

Often times, we may not even know that we are singing out of beat, because we cannot identify the underlying rhythm or tempo of the songs that we sing!

Now, for those who face this problem, one very basic way to start training your singing rhythm is for you to switch on a metronome and tap along with it! A metronome is a tempo device that emits beep sounds to a fixed time, and this allows musicians or singers to keep to the tempo closely!

Using the metronome for your rhythm training will help you to improve your basic rhythm sense, and help you to keep to a steady beat!

Once you have mastered this, you can try to tap along to the songs that you are listening to. Listen out for the accents in the singing, as these accents usually follow the tempo of the song.

If not, try to listen out for the drum beats, and tap along with the drums in the song! This should help you to hone your rhythm skills and also improve your listening abilities too!

Just remember, when you tap, try to keep to a regular and steady beat, and do not rush or slow down! Do also get a buddy or friend to practice with you, so that you can correct each other and help each other out!

For those who wish to get some additional training resources to help you with your rhythm training, check out these useful Rhythm Ear Training Books:

Rhythm Ear Training Books URL:


I will also be adding a new website section on Singing Rhythm very soon, so do keep yourselves updated and come back regularly to check on our website progress!

– 2 –

Vocal Training Tip #5 – Using Vowels To Focus Our Vocal Training!

Vowels are another important aspect of our singing as well as our vocal training! Many of us know how vowels affect our singing, since the way we pronounce our words does affect how we sound and also how the audience understands what we are singing!

However, vowels also play another important role in directing our voice, helping us to focus our vocal training just by using different vowels in our exercises!

For this 1st example, we will use a simple ‘AH’ sound that is produced using the ‘A’ vowel. The ‘AH’ sound is extremely useful for training our Chest and Middle voice sounds, and helping us to build up a strong singing voice!

For those who may have a weak or airy voice, you may wish to train more with this vowel. Start off with the lower notes when you practice, and make sure that the sound you produce is solid and very connected with your most natural speaking voice! This will ensure that you have a strong vocal foundation with which you can link to your higher notes!

Practicing with the ‘AH’ vowel also helps us to learn how to open our mouths to sing! Make sure that at least one finger can enter our mouth unobstructed when we are singing the ‘AH’ vowel. This will allow our voice to travel out clearly and reach our audience’s ears better!

Once you have mastered this simple ‘AH’ sound, try to sing with other vowels or sounds, experimenting to see how these sounds affect your voice and where it will feel like it is coming out from!

For those of us who wish to get some additional help with your vocal training, check out these effective singing books recommended by me, Your Personal Singing Coach!

Vocal Training Books URL:


For those who wish to try out more vocal exercises that target various aspects of our singing, check out the website section on Vocal Exercises and practice with the various exercise music clips uploaded there!

Vocal Exercises URL:


– 3 –

Pitching Training Tip #3 – Singing Intervals with Songs… Continued!

For those who have read our previous Ezine issue, you will know that i started talking about singing intervals with songs, and how we can relate these songs to our intervals so that we can learn them quickly and easily!

For example, the Superman theme song can be used to relate to the Perfect 5th interval. Or, the classic song Greensleeves can be used to relate to the Minor 3rd interval.

I am proud to announce that I have come up with a list of popular and classic songs that everyone can use to learn your musical intervals quickly and effectively!

This will make it easier for many of us to learn intervals for singing, and also make our vocal training more fun and interesting too!

Check out the link provided below to read up more about these songs that we can relate to interval singing!

Interval Recognition Ear Training URL:


For those who wish to get some useful pitching tips in general, to aid you when you are training your pitching ability, click on the following URL:

Pitching Tips URL:

For those of us who wish to get additional help in our pitching and ear training, do consider some of these useful and effective Ear Training Books that help to target our Pitching and Listening abilities effectively!

Pitching Training Books URL:


~~ Website Work in Progress ~~

1) Singing Rhythm
2) Singing Careers
3) FREE Ebook Resource!

~~ Ending Words ~~

Here ends Issue #3 of Your Personal Singing Ezine!

I hope that you will find the above tips useful in your singing practices, and feel free to email me at
or use the Contact Us page provided on our website if you have any feedback, requests or any questions about singing! I will be glad to reply and also to discuss singing tips with you!

Do also subscribe to the RSS feed provided on my website so as to be constantly updated about the new and exciting content that will appear on Your Personal Singing Guide website!

Also, if you find Your Personal Singing Guide and Ezine useful to you, please do spread the word and invite your friends to come visit our website and join you in your singing practices too!

Help us to let more people ‘Stumble Upon’ us and discover the joy of singing!

So, keep practising your singing in the meantime, and remember to check our website regularly for updates and new resources!


Aaron Matthew Lim
Your Personal Singing Coach
Your Personal Singing Guide

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