How To Sing?
Learn from the Experts!

Why waste time and money learning how to sing on your own?

Wouldn’t it be better if you had someone to help you and show you exactly how to do it?



On this webpage, I will recommend some of the books or training packages that will help to direct you to the easiest and fastest way to train your vocals!

In fact, these books have been useful to me personally as a vocal coach, and have helped me to save time by not needing to navigate and search through the tons of information regarding singing!

If you are also interested to gain more comprehensive information about singing in the quickest manner, do click on this link provided to find out more!

Here are some of my personal time-saving and money-saving vocal training recommendations:

Personal Vocal Training Recommendation #1:

The American Idol Singer’s Advantage Vocal Training Package is developed by world-class vocal coach Seth Riggs, who has coached many Grammy Award singers including Natalie Cole, Robbie Williams and Josh Groban!

Seth is a world-renowned vocal coach, and can easily charge up to US$300/h just for an individual vocal lesson!

But here in this training package, he reveals the secrets of his vocal training methods and teaches you exactly how to achieve a great singing voice, for less than US$50!

You will get hours of valuable lessons with him, and also learn about his unique teaching methodology of “Speech Level Singing”, which teaches us how to use our speaking voice to sing!
Think about it, how much easier can it get? Click here now to get this valuable and time-saving training package!

Now, for ladies, Seth has also come up with a training package specially for you!

This is because he knows that female and male singers have different voices, and must be trained using different methods and keys!

Using the appropriate keys for vocal training will reduce vocal damage or abuse during self-practice, especially if you are not really sure of what you are doing!

Having an expert guide you in your vocal training is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to sing, so you do not waste time and money trying to figure out the secrets of singing on your own!

Still not convinced?

Don’t just take my word for it!


Visit Seth’s website to find out more about him and also his teaching methodology, and when you’re totally convinced, you can return here to purchase this great training package for your singing voice!

Personal Vocal Training Recommendation #2:

Now, for those who are looking for a low-cost way of learning Seth Riggs’ method of vocal training, why not get this book that highlights the basic points of Speech Level Singing?

Speech level singing focusses more on training our voice, especially our speaking voice, and linking it up with our singing voice!

This is a great basic book to read, and it will open up your mind about vocal training and singing! So, why not give this book a try?

After you’ve read this book, if you like what you see, you can always get the vocal training package to work on your vocals!

I know it works and I’m a firm believer in Speech Level Singing techniques!

Many of my students have benefited from these techniques, and i know you will too!

Now, if you are still not convinced… (even after I have shown you some of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your singing…), you can check out some other books and resources that teach us how to sing well!

Here are some of them:

The Contemporary Singer, how to sing, singing tips The Contemporary Singer:
Elements of Vocal Technique

Rock and Roll, how to sing, singing tips The Rock-N-Roll Singer’s
Survival Manual

A relatively easy-to-understand guide towards rock and pop singing techniques.

Jeffrey Allen, how to sing, singing tips Jeffrey Allen’s Secrets of Singing:
Male (Low and High Voice)

Tipbook, Vocal Training, singing guide, how to sing Tipbook – Vocals:
The Best Guide to Your Singing Voice

A simple and light tipbook on singing and vocal training.

Here are some books on classical singing, as per our readers’ request:

Enrico Caruso, classical singing, opera, singing guide Caruso’s Method of
Voice Production

This book is an excellent guide to proper singing technique, and has wonderful reviews from those who have bought and read it!

Vocal Rescue Singing Book Vocal Rescue: Rediscover the Beauty,
Power and Freedom in Your Singing

Singing and Teaching Singing, Classical Voice Singing and Teaching Singing:
A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice

Great Singers, opera, how to sing, Classical singing, singing guide Great Singers on Great Singing:
A Famous Opera Star Interviews 40 Famous Opera Singers
on the Technique of Singing

Check out this book for an insight into the minds of great singers from around the world!

Do click on the book covers or the links provided to find out more about these singing books that show us exactly How To Sing!

There are also many vocal exercises available on this website, as well as some useful pitching exercises to keep us singing in tune! Use these resources and practice your singing voice, and you will improve in no time!

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