The voice is a natural instrument, therefore we must take care of it. Although some people are very gifted in singing. But those of you with bad voice can develop it. Vocal exercises are extremely important. We can develop our voice by:

1. Consuming a variety of nutritious food, beverages, and vitamins

2. Attaining and maintaining physical fitness with regular aerobic muscle-toning workouts

3. By obtaining sufficient rest. Sleep, and recreation

4. Maintaining a humid living environment

5. Maintaining body hydration by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily

6. Using efficient vocal technique in speech and singing

7. Use the voice judiciously

8. Washing hands frequently


*Note from Your Personal Singing Guide: Tks Isaac for the kind pointers for building a good voice, and other health tips. You can also find more of these tips in various chapters of my website, especially the one on Voice Care. 🙂

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