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Your Personal Singing E-Zine, Issue #042
December 01, 2012
Welcome, Fellow Singer!

~ Table of Contents ~

Latest Updates!

1) PERSONAL MESSAGE from Your Personal Singing Coach

2) FACEBOOK FANPAGE for all supporters and fans of Your Personal Singing Guide

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3) RESOURCE Webpage: Pitching Exercises

Here are some great resources that are useful for your pitching training.

4) FOUNDATION Webpage: Basics of Singing

Learn more about some of the very basics of singing.

5) COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach

Send in your questions about singing, and also compliments or feedback about this website!

Personal Singing Tips!

1) Vocal Mindset Tip #10 – Singing in A Group Can Be A Great Form of Therapy

2) Pitching Tip #39 – How Rare is Tone Deafness?

~~ Enjoy Issue #42 of Your Personal Singing Ezine! ~~

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~~ Latest Updates ~~

– 1 –

Message from Your Personal Singing Coach:

“Welcome all fellow singers, vocal coaches and singing students!

Just celebrated my 34th Birthday on 21st November 2012, and I would just like to share my joy with everyone! ;-p

The New Year of 2013 will be an exciting one for me, with a possible EP launch in the pipeline, so I will definitely need your support when that happens!

For those of you who are looking forward to the holidays, Christmas is really just around the corner with less than a month to go.

Hope that everyone has started writing your Christmas lists, and I do hope that you all have decided which of your friends get a present from you.. haha..

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Merry Christmas in advance, since I’ll only be sending out my next Ezine on 1st Jan 2013 in the new year!

I’m sure everyone is having lots of fun singing carols and just having a great time! Do send me videos of your performances so I can share them on our Facebook fan page.

Once again, I would also like to ask that we ask our friends and family members to also join Your Personal Singing Guide’s Facebook Fan Page

and get your friends to join too!

Joining this Facebook Fan Page will enable us to build a strong online community, and also to interact with fellow lovers of music and singing, and have more fun together!

Do enjoy the tips that I am providing for you in this 42nd issue of the Ezine, and feel free to share Your Personal Singing Ezine with your friends and loved ones, or better still, get them to come and subscribe to their very own Personal Singing Ezine! I will be glad to share my singing tips and pointers with them too!

If you wish to share with your friends the back-issues of our Ezine, feel free to do so too:

Also, if you feel that our website is really beneficial to you, please do let us know by dropping us an email through our Contact Us section on the website! Your comments will be greatly appreciated!”

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron Matthew Lim

Your Personal Singing Coach

– 2 –

FACEBOOK FANPAGE for all supporters and fans of Your Personal Singing Guide

As some of you might now, Facebook has updated their Facebook Groups and archived our previous Facebook Group page. This means that I am no longer able to use the group to message everyone or to inform you about updates at our website.

In order to avoid losing contact with all of you great people out there, I started this Facebook Fan Page so that we have a page to meet up at, and to continue keeping in touching with each other!

This fan page will serve the same purpose as the previous Facebook group, just that I will be visiting this fan page more now, and hope that you can just leave your comments there for me to read.

Do also remember to LIKE the fan page so that you will join us as a member and be updated with our regular singing tips and updates.

I will make more effort to reply your comments at this fan page, and hopefully we can start more conversations there!

Should you have any compliments on our website, do feel free to drop us a comment here as well, and we will be extremely grateful for your kind comments. ;-p

So, do check out the URL below and join our Facebook fanpage now:

Your Personal Singing Guide Facebook FanPage URL:

Thank you for your help, and I hope that our music community keeps growing by the minute!

– 3 –

RESOURCE Webpage: Pitching Exercises

What else can I say? Pitching is just so very important for singing, because if a singer goes out of pitch, he or she will certainly sound terrible.

The resources available on this website are certainly not exhaustive, but they will start you off on your singing training, and hopefully you will be able to keep practising and training on your own.

The best teacher in the world is yourself, so keep practising!

Check out the various Pitching Exercises now:

– 4 –

FOUNDATION Website: Basics of Singing

For beginners to singing, you might want to check out some of the basics of singing that I have highlighted in my website.

These basics are vital for singing, and they form the foundation for singing training.

So what are you waiting for? Start building on those basics now:

– 5 –

COMMUNICATE with Your Personal Singing Coach!

Do make use of the Contact Us page on our website, for those of you who wish to ask me questions about singing, or would wish to let us know how great a job we are doing with our website.

We welcome all your comments, and hope to hear from you regularly regarding our website and how we can improve!

I would also like to invite those of you who would wish for me to answer any burning questions about singing, to write in using the online form here and let me know what your questions are.

I will certainly do my very best to answer them, and maybe some of your queries will find their way onto our
website section for Singing FAQ!

Do also let us know what you wish to see on our website, and we will try our best to make the improvements as quickly as we can!

In fact, many of you have already sent in your positive feedback, and I certainly look forward to receiving more from all you readers out there!

Do take note that for the security word challenge, you will need to type the word in CAPITAL LETTERS exactly as it appears, or you will not be able to send us your comments and we would have missed out on valuable feedback from you!

Click on the link below to send us your comments and feedback!

Contact Us URL:

~~ Personal Singing Tips! ~~

– 1 –

Vocal Mindset Tip #10 – Singing in A Group Can Be A Great Form of Therapy

It has been busy at my school recently, especially on Saturday nights when we have our carolling rehearsals each week.

As some may know, my school premises are not very large, but we usually pack around 25-30 people or even more for the rehearsals each Saturday during the holiday season.

The school is filled with lovely Christmas songs and music, and lots of singing by the cute children who have joined us for this year’s carolling.

For those who wish to start off your Singing adventures with us, do visit our Basics of Singing URL:

From our weekly rehearsals, I discovered one thing.

Group singing really does have wondrous effects, and can move and touch people who usually do not sing, to begin singing and even to move with the music!

For our school’s carolling group, we don’t usually restrict it to only those who can really sing, but we open it up to anyone and everyone who is keen to join in the fun.

This is why many of the carollers may not have much singing background, but they may just be looking to meet more people and find more joy and laughter through music.

Some of the carollers are very shy, and they don’t talk much in the 1st session of rehearsals.

Others are slightly bolder, but still shy about their singing and stick to their own small group of friends in the carolling group.

But at the very end of our rehearsals and during our performances, we are usually chatting as if we have known each other for a long time!

This is the power of group singing. It can really be a form of therapy for people, helping to open our hearts, and also to heal the pain that some of us experience in our lives.

It helps too to have young children in the group, because their antics really can break the group up into laughter and gel everyone together!

So, for all of you out there who are contemplating singing some Christmas carols this year, my advice is, JUST DO IT!

You will find that you will gain more than singing experience, but many new friendships and lots of enjoyment too. ;-p

For those of us who would like to know more about some basic Vocal Exercises you can do to train up your voice, check out this URL here:

– 2 –

Pitching Tip #39 – How Rare Is Tone Deafness?

Just to put things into perspective, I have been teaching singing for the past 11 years now.

I have never met a single Tone Deaf person throughout the years that I have been teaching.

And I have taught many students, hundreds of them and perhaps even thousands. (I’ve lost count!)

For those who wish to begin tackling their basic pitching problems now, check out the URL below:

I have, however, met quite a few students who have had tone difficulties or challenges.

These students usually come to me saying that they are TONE DEAF.

I usually tell them, ‘NO, you are probably just not using your ears enough when you sing.’

And by the end of a few lessons, they get what I mean. ;-p

You see, tone deafness means that the person is really deaf towards different tones.

This is really a VERY SERIOUS claim to make, because it means that the singer cannot differentiate between any tones that they hear.

It means that the singer cannot tell the difference between an obviously high note, and an obvious low note, or between a high speaking voice and a low speaking voice.

If they can tell the difference, or if they know that they are singing off key but they just don’t know how to stop singing off key, then they are NOT tone deaf.

Because, they are aware of their tone challenges, but they are just not aware of how to correct their tone problems.

The usual reason for this is because the singer does not listen to their own singing when they are actually singing, and so they go off key easily.

Or, they hear much more than they are supposed to be hearing, and end up singing the harmony notes to the melody that they are supposed to be singing.

Or, they can hear everything well, but they are not too familiar with their own singing voice, and just don’t know how to make changes to their pitch when they are singing, or how to reach the high or low notes required.

These can all be corrected and improved on over time, and they certainly do not mean that a person is TONE DEAF.

So, before we go around labelling ourselves or our friends as tone deaf, do some simple tone tests to see if the singer is aware of differences in tone.

If they are, heave a sigh of relief, and trust that their tone problems can be overcome over time! ;-p

To find out more about singing books that help us to develop more of our singing talents, do check out the URL below:

Singing Books URL:

To read up more about me as a vocal instructor making a living in Singapore, check out this URL:

About Me URL:

Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at or use the feedback form available on our Contact Us page.

Those of you who wish to check out the previous issues of our Ezine for other tips on singing can also go to the following URL:

Your Personal Singing Ezine Back-Issues URL:

Keep up your training as a singer, and do also keep me updated about your progress!

~~ Website Work in Progress ~~

1) Next Ezine on 1st January 2013
2) Growing a Stronger Online Community

~~ Ending Words ~~

Here ends Issue #42 of Your Personal Singing Ezine!

I hope that this issue is useful to you, and that you are able to gain some knowledge from what I have written in this Ezine. I always try to provide tips that you can use, in a manner that is easy to understand and apply in daily life.

Do remember to join our Facebook Fan Page so that we can meet each other, and build a stronger online community!

Feel free to email me at
or use the Contact Us page provided on our website if you have any feedback, requests or any questions about singing! I will be glad to reply and also to discuss singing tips with you!

Do also subscribe to the RSS feed provided on my website so as to be constantly updated about the new and exciting content that will appear on Your Personal Singing Guide website!

Also, remember to forward this issue of Your Personal Singing Ezine to your friends and loved ones, and encourage them to come visit our website and join you in your singing practices too!

Singing is always more fun in a community with more people!

The next issue of Your Personal Singing Ezine will be sent to you by 1 January 2013 for sure, but be sure to check back at our website frequently and keep practising your singing!

Aaron Matthew Lim
Your Personal Singing Coach
Your Personal Singing Guide

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