Breath Control When Singing
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Many of us do not think about breath control when we are singing. In fact, we may sing in exactly the same way, regardless of whether we are singing a long or short phrase, or whether we are singing loudly or softly.

Being out-of-breath when singing is one of the common singing problems that we may have, and it is also rather easy to correct.

It just takes some awareness and adjustment in terms of breathing as well as vocalizing when singing.

Check out this video I made about how we can correct our breathlessness when we sing:

There are a variety of reasons why we may be out of breath when singing.

Firstly, we may not have taken in enough air for us to be able to complete the respective singing phrase.

Some of us may be practising shallow breathing, instead of proper diaphragmmatic breathing when singing! This will result in us not having enough air to be able to sing longer phrases, and also not being able to support our singing notes well.

In order to correct this problem, do check out some tips on breathing for singing in order to understand more about how to breathe deeply for singing, and how to avoid shallow breathing.

There are also some basic breathing exercises for us to acquire great breath control, and also to be able to use our breath to support our singing!

A second reason why we may be out of breath when singing is that sometimes we may sing with an overly ‘airy’ voice! Our singing voice may sound like it is wrapped with many layers of air, making it sound weaker and less solid than other singing voices.

This also means that each time we sing with this ‘airy’ voice, we are letting out more air than other singers, and this makes it more difficult for us to exercise good breath control. Instead, much more air is used up when we sing, and no matter how much air we may be able to take in when we breathe, we will find it difficult to have enough air to last a long phrase or sentence.

We can solve this by making sure that we balance our Breath with our Voice, producing neither an overly ‘airy’ sound, nor an overly ‘tight’ or ‘solid’ sound. An overly ‘airy’ sound results in a difficulty in exercising breath control, and an overly ‘solid’ sound may result in unnecessary vocal cord damage.

Do read up about our Vocal Cords in order to understand more about how our voice works! You can also try some useful vocal warmup exercises to stretch out our voice before singing, and also to strengthen our vocal cords for singing!

Lastly, one reason why we may find ourselves out of breath when singing is perhaps that we forgot to breathe regularly during the song!

You would be surprised to find out that some singers actually are so engrossed with their singing, that they may momentarily forget to breathe, especially at crucial points of the song! This results in the singer not having enough air to practise good breath control for the long or crucial phrases, and feeling out of breath when singing.

This is an easy problem to solve, and we only need to mark out the points in the song at which we need to breathe, especially for crucial points in the song, for example just before long phrases or before parts of the song that require us to project our voices or to sing really high notes.

This can also be referred to as ‘phrasing’ for the song, where a singer would mark out the breathing points in the song, so that he or she would be able to phrase the song well with breath and expression, and also be able to practise good breath control and support when singing!

Now that we are more aware of how we can exercise good breath control when singing so as to avoid being out-of-breath, we can certainly solve one of the common singing problems that many of us may have when singing, and we would be well on our way towards improving our singing voice!

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