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Develop a Great Ear for Singing!

Aural Training is absolutely essential to every singer, and it helps us to be able to sing in tune and hit all our pitches and notes accurately!

A good ear for singing is important because when we sing, we need to be able to listen to our pitch as we sing and to correct it if we go out of tune.

Also, whenever we sing, we need to know the correct pitch of the tune we are singing, and training ourselves with scales and intervals will certainly help us to be able to pitch accurately while we are singing!



In order to help you develop a great singing ear, I am recommending below some great Aural Training Books as well as ear training packages that will help to improve your sense of hearing as well as pitching!

I have also recommended on this website some great singing books that give us comprehensive tips and information about singing and vocal training! Click on the link to find out more!

Here are some of my personal book and training package recommendations:

Personal Aural Training Recommendation #1:

Essential Ear Training for Contemporary Musician, Aural Training, Singing Books
Essential Ear Training
for the Contemporary

This book is actually derived from the Ear Training Curriculum of Berklee College of Music, which is one of the world’s largest music colleges, and certainly one of the most prominent too!

It teaches us ear training using a Movable Doh system, which i personally find extremely useful in developing great pitching for singing! In fact, the pitching exercises on my website employ a Movable Doh system!

I also use the movable doh system to train all of my students, getting them to read solfege scores and improving their sense of relative pitch!

There are also rhythmic exercises in this book for us to practise your sense of rhythm, which is another important aspect of great singing!

Click on the book cover or text link to find out more about this book!

Personal Aural Training Recommendation #2:

Ear Training, aural training, singing books
Ear Training for
the Contemporary

This is another useful ear training book that is produced by the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California!

The institute trains great budding singers and performers in the US, and has certainly made its mark in the Los Angeles area!

This book is great as it provides comprehensive information about the various musical scales that we can use to practise our pitching, and also provides us with useful practice music that accompanies the various chapters in the book!

Also, this book gets us to sing and pitch while practising our listening and aural sense, and this is great for us singers since it gives us ample opportunity to practise our singing voice!

Personal Aural Training Recommendation #3:

Voice Lessons To Go - Vol. 2, Aural Training, Singing Books
Voice Lessons To Go
Volume 2: Do Re Mi
Ear and Pitch Training

This book by vocal coach and opera singer Ariella Vaccarino has been garnering great reviews by singing book readers as well as singing students internationally!

What I like about this book is that it is part of a series of books that target various aspects of singing!

Book 1 targets our Breathing, this book (Book 2) targets our Voice and Pitch, Book 3 targets our Vowels and Book 4 targets our Singing Stamina!

This helps to break down the art of singing into smaller learning segments, with this book training our singing ear and our pitch specifically!

There are also very simple ear training tips for beginners, for example, learning to identify low and high notes, and this helps us to cover the basics first before we move on to the more difficult stuff!

There are also many more Ear Training Books available to train our singing ear, and here are some of them:

Ear Training, Bruce Benward, Singing Books Ear Training
w/Transcription CD

Ear Training, One Note Complete Method, Singing Books Ear Training:
One Note Complete Method with 3 CDs

Hearing and Writing Music:
Professional Training for Today’s Musician (2nd Edition)

Fanatic's Guide to Ear Training, Aural Training, how to sing A Fanatic’s Guide to Ear Training
and Sight Singing

Meant for those who are willing to spend time practising to achieve better aural awareness.

Do click on the book covers or text links to find out more about these useful books and resources to train our singing ear!

There are also many vocal exercises available on this website, and these help us to train our voice to strengthen our singing muscles, and also to improve our vocal sustain, flexibility and accuracy!

Do check out these resources available online, and be sure to check out the singing books above too to further improve on your aural awareness!

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