Vocal Exercises to Develop Vocal Flexibility!

Using the correct Vocal Exercises certainly can help us achieve our objectives in singing, and the exercises in this section target our Vocal Flexibility as well as Pitching Accuracy!

These exercises provided will help us when singing songs with many pitch jumps or notes that go high and low in pitch very quickly.

They also help us to understand how our voice has to manipulate itself in order to sing these variations in pitch, since this will involve using various vocal placements and singing positions!

In a previous section, I had already provided everyone with many useful pitching exercises for self-practice, as well as practical music uploaded to aid everyone in practising your exercises at home!

Here, we will use some of these pitching exercises and musical scales in our vocal training, in order to train our Vocal Flexibility when we sing!

We will use a simple ‘Gi’ syllable to practise our Vocal Flexibility, as this will also aid in developing proper vocal cord closure when we sing. To find out more about other singing exercises using the ‘Gi’ syllable, click on this link now.

For our Vocal Flexibility Exercise, we will sing a basic Major Arpeggio in an ascending and descending manner, with slightly varied notes, using the ‘Gi’ syllable, making sure that we hit the various pitches accurately.

Here is a demonstration sound clip of the Vocal Flexibility Exercise:

Notice that the voice is light and easy, yet not airy or weak. Also, the various pitches sung are accurate, and the singer does not force the notes at the top, especially the high head voice notes.

Many of us would strain our throats when we sing the high notes, creating problems in our singing training.

For female singers, here is the music for the Vocal Flexibility Exercise that you can use for self-practice. Remember not to force the high notes, and to progress towards your head voice smoothly. You may feel a little lightness in tone, but try to refrain from singing with too much air when your voice goes to a lighter position at the top notes.

For male singers, here is the music for your self-practice. Remember also not to force the high notes during this vocal exercise, and reduce the strain in your throat or jaw when you sing. The main aim is to hit the high notes accurately and with much ease. You may feel a certain lightness in sound as you sing higher, but as long as you keep it solid and not too airy, your voice should grow stronger with more practice.

Click here to gain access to the full set of Vocal Flexibility Exercises!

Always remember to support your singing voice with your diaphragm and breathing, and also to do your vocal warmups before you sing or do any vocal training!

Do make sure that you do not over-train your vocals as they are fragile and should not be abused! Remember this VERY IMPORTANT RULE: STOP and REST when you feel pain or fatigue in your throat or voice.

Vocal Exercises, when done correctly and safely, will certainly help you to develop Vocal Flexibility and Pitching Accuracy for singing all kinds of songs and melodies!

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