Aspiring Singer Seeking Help

Aaron, Good day to you! I’m so fortunate to have found your web site and be able to get and read a lot of helpful stuffs about singing. I was immensely inspired by your powerful words of wisdom and encouragement. I’m actually an aspiring singer, with no formal vocal training since I discovered that I can hit a note somehow. I do not know my vocal range nor do I know my voice itself. I do not know how to sing properly and how to use my voice.Singing is my greatest passion in life and all I want to do is to sing. I think I’m destined to be in the singing profession because singing I can feel is running through my blood and it’s everywhere in me. I’ve always been miserable in my work life and in effect i’m greatly suffering because I do not like what I’m doing. I extremely envy person like you who loves what he does and lives his dreams.

I’ve done some sort of ways in achieving what I really want in life but none has brought me to path of my dreams. But nonetheless I’m still hopeful that someday I will get to where I should go. I always pray to God and ask him to give me the blessing I’ve always wanted and that is to sing. I know that there is a powerful voice within me that is waiting to be unleashed. I hope I can meet you someday and be able to talk to you and who knows you might want to help me achieve my dream in life.

Hope you personally read this feedback and testimonial. Thank you!

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