Testimonial from Singers
All Around the World!

Since I set up this website 2 years back, I have received many a testimonial from singers and singing students all over the world!

In recent months, emails have been pouring in, and so many people have been sending in their feedback and kind comments, that I have decided to set up this new section to thank them for their lovely words of encouragement.(To protect the confidentiality of our supporters, I have only published their first names together with their testimonial.)

Do read the wonderful testimonial comments from people all over the world, and do send me your own kind words too and I might just include them into this webpage! ;-p

Testimonial Comments from USA

Thank you for making it free!

Your website is very helpful and insightful. I’m in a band where I have to have a powerful voice. I have a lot of natural ability, but I also have a lot to improve on. One of my biggest problems is that we play loud/hard music, and I often find myself trying too hard to sing over the music, instead of utilizing the equipment and controlling my voice more. I am going to apply some of your warm-ups and vocal control.

There are a lot of factors when singing, and by reading your website it makes those factors more conscious. I will never take singing lessons, but I will read things like your website. Thank you for making it free, and I hope by giving you my email information and testimonial, that will help out. I will update you to know how my singing has progressed.

United States

Good Tips for Singing

I really like this website. I think it'll help me alot. I'm really young (just entering High School) but, I love music so much. I'm actually planning to apply to an arts academy for Sophomore year and I hope I can make it.*fingers crossed* But, once again, I love this site and I definitely hope lots of people read it, because it has a lot of good tips and things that I didn't know until I read it. Thank you so much!

United States

Generous Singing Website

I sang professionally 30 years ago (and not that well either)!! My husband of 11 yrs has never heard me sing & is very upset abt this. So, I found a local music school and 3 wks ago started studying voice again. Not to get my voice back, but to learn to sing better this time. I’m loving it. Just discovered your site this P.M. and adore it. Can’t believe you give away so much for free!! And it’s good advice. Your 3 warm-ups are my teacher’s faves. How/why can you be so generous?

United States

Comment from the Author: Thank you for your testimonial! I embarked on this website project to give out my knowledge for free, and to build an international singing community. This website is certainly not a source of income for me, and this is why it remains free for everyone to enjoy!

Hope that more people can send in their testimonial comments, and keep up the encouragement!

Learning Across Countries

I just wanted to say I find your website extremely helpful. I am trying to help a friend strengthen her voice via the internet (we live hundreds of miles away) and your site has many great examples and exercises for her to try! Thank you!

United States

No More Trouble With My Jaw

I am sooo happy to have found your site. I have had so much trouble relaxing my jaw and just haven’t been able to “feel” the way to do it. That exercise about dropping your head back and letting your jaw drop was phenomenal!!! I have a vocal coach, but have just become a regular groupie. Thanks for helping all of us out and sharing your wisdom, hints and encouragement.

United States

Simple No Frills Site

In a world so enamored with it’s own self-worth, and relentless pursuit of fortune at the expense of others (which, funny enough, I totally respect), the word “free” is a genuine, bold-faced lie at best. At worst, you have to download a “Zwinky” with it… took me hours to figure out how to delete it.

I digress.

I’ve used Brett Manning’s audio CD’s, Melissa Cross’s “Zen” videos… still, some of the best advice I’ve gotten was from your site… and funny enough, not only was it free, but I didn’t have to log in to anything.

It’s a simple, no-frills site. I kinda like that.


Nihilist Youth
United States

Comment from the Author: Thank you very much for your wonderful testimonial for my website! I am certainly encouraged, but I also hope that you will continue searching for good singing products, and even recommend to me as well!

Guitar Sing And Play

I have been a guitarist for years and have never really been into the singing. Then I went into the singing end and really had a hard time of it... To the point where I was going to give up... I stumbled upon you across the sea of "stuff" on the net and began reading and going through your exercises for about a month. Everyone I play with has noticed that I can sing now!!!!! Can't say enough... So I'll just say thank you!!

United States

Testimonial Comments from United Kingdom (UK) and Canada

Helpful and Conversational Singing Website

Dear Creator(s) of this website, I would like to thank you sincerely and tremendously for your website. I came across your website after I did a google search for vocal warm ups. I must say, the write-up is very conversational and the information on the website very, very helpful. Thank you for providing all this information for users like me on the internet. This is my testimonial to you. May God bless and reward you. Have a very pleasant day.

United Kingdom

Choir Beginner Needing Guidance

Thank you very much for your great tool! I am a beginner in a choir and my main problem is almost always getting off pitch. The scales you provided I believe will help me a lot!


Extensive Singing Resource

Hi Aaron, Thank you so much for such an extensive resource that covers everything that one needs to learn to improve their singing! I already spent 2 hours reading this site and there is still so much more. My voice is very limited (narrow range, no strength whatsoever) and I thought that there was nothing I could do to change that. But now I have hope! Maybe with the help of your website I'll be able to turn this mediocrity into something nicer 🙂 Thanks! I'll be a frequent visitor here.


Testimonial Comments from Asia

Aspiring Singer Seeking Help

Aaron, Good day to you! I’m so fortunate to have found your web site and be able to get and read a lot of helpful stuffs about singing. I was immensely inspired by your powerful words of wisdom and encouragement. I’m actually an aspiring singer, with no formal vocal training since I discovered that I can hit a note somehow. I do not know my vocal range nor do I know my voice itself. I do not know how to sing properly and how to use my voice.Singing is my greatest passion in life and all I want to do is to sing. I think I’m destined to be in the singing profession because singing I can feel is running through my blood and it’s everywhere in me. I’ve always been miserable in my work life and in effect i’m greatly suffering because I do not like what I’m doing. I extremely envy person like you who loves what he does and lives his dreams.

I’ve done some sort of ways in achieving what I really want in life but none has brought me to path of my dreams. But nonetheless I’m still hopeful that someday I will get to where I should go. I always pray to God and ask him to give me the blessing I’ve always wanted and that is to sing. I know that there is a powerful voice within me that is waiting to be unleashed. I hope I can meet you someday and be able to talk to you and who knows you might want to help me achieve my dream in life.

Hope you personally read this feedback and testimonial. Thank you!


Comment from the Author: Thank you for this testimonial! I certainly do believe that you will be able to achieve what you set out to achieve, because miracles do exist in our lives! All the best! ;-p

I Thought I Knew Everything About Singing.. But I Was Wrong!

Hey Aaron, you rock man! thanks a million times for making this really useful website. When I opened it I really thought I knew everything of singing but after 5 min I came to know that I’m an idiot. Thanks man you are great.... wish we'll meet someday...


Vocal Training for Upcoming Singing Competition

Hello! I'm really glad I came to this website because I was looking for some basic vocal trainings for my upcoming singing competition. The website has touched on points on how to extend my vocal range and how to improve on breathing techniques, the two areas that I have to improve on. After a few couple of weeks, I think I improve for quite a bit, thanks to the tips and lessons that I picked up from the website.


Newbie to Singing

A big THANK YOU for those valuable tips and resources from this website. It lets newbie like me know what singing is and how to approach it properly. So, for aspiring singing guys and gals out, learn from a professional musical school before damaging your precious vocal cords!


Comment from the Author: Thank you Yoon for your testimonial! This is the exact reason why I set up my music school (Intune Music School – http://www.intunemusic.com.sg).. to provide professional music programmes for all those who have interest in music and singing!

Testimonial Comments from Other Countries

This is the Best Page Ever

Jesus Christ Almighty….Years of surfing on the Web and until NOW I’ve discovered this page…I’m so angry for taking this long!! THIS IS THE BEST PAGE I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, though it is the first time visiting it I KNOW I’ll become a better singer thanks to you and your incredible experience, it is so user friendly and clear…It is marvelous, thanks now and forever.


From Coach To Friend

I am happy to say I was looking for help in building my voice and this love I have for music. You indeed have helped me because you have become a friend.


Big Help To My Music Career

Hi! I have taken time to read through your web page content, congratulations! It's a good job there. I had enough information that is really helping my music career. Keep it up.


This Is What I Have Been Searching For..

I just discovered this website, and I’m happy that I did. This is what I have been searching for. Thank you for this website. I appreciate your work, it is great, and I believe it will help so many people like me.


No More Spinning Like A Satellite Dish

I have been waiting so long to find a site like this.... because other sites have been spinning me like a satellite dish haha....but seriously I greatly appreciate all that I’ve learned from u and will continue to learn as I know u will continue to teach...god bless.

Last Chapter

Jazz Player Looking To Improve On Singing

I'm a reasonably experienced jazz upright player who has been a rather average singer for a couple of years. I just came across your website and am amazed at the amount of useful content you have available for free. I can't thank you enough and am truly grateful and amazed by the generosity you show with this very well organized and detailed site. Let's see if I can make a little progress now.


Hitting Higher Notes Than Before

Hi, I just want to say, thank you very much for providing this site with singing tips & vocal tips!! It has been immensely helpful, I actually notice a lot of difference so far. It has made my singing so much easier and less straining and I can hit higher notes than before.

The piano pieces and demonstrations are great! This website is the only website I go to for singing advice! Cheers! Keep up the great work!


Very Good Singing Tips and Warm Ups

Hi. I just want to say I use this guide a lot before singing to go over the tips and exercises/warm ups and it's very good.


Once again, thank you to all who have sent in your kind words as published in this testimonial! I am very much encouraged by all your compliments and testimonial comments, and I will continue to improve on this singing website to provide more information for one and all.

Do keep referring this website to all your friends who love to sing, and we can achieve a wonderful and international singing community!

Also, if you are keen to receive the FREE singing tips that I am giving to all my Ezine subscribers, just fill in your particulars in the form on the right sidebar and you will receive your first 5 FREE Vocal Exercises in the next 5 minutes !

Hope that you will join Your Personal Singing Guide’s singing community and contribute to better education for singers all around the world! ;-p

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