Singing Harmony –
Singing Books That Teach You
How To Harmonize!

Singing Harmony is one of the more advanced skills that a singer can have, and requires a great sense of pitching as well as aural ability.

Practising some useful pitching exercises will certainly help you to improve your pitching sense in order to be able to sing the correct harmonic notes required.

Also, you will need to be able to listen to the harmony to be sung, and these singing books on aural training should be able to aid you in this respect.

Here are some of my personal book and audio CD recommendations for Singing Harmony:

Personal Harmony Singing Recommendation #1:

Harmony Vocals, how to sing, singing harmony
Harmony Vocals:
The Essential Guide
(Private Lessons)

This book was published by the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and teaches singers how to sing harmony in various repertoire, as well as how to build your own harmonies!

There is also some basic training on reading music and scales, including musical intervals that are essential for singing harmony parts!

The CD that accompanies the book provides 99 full-demo tracks for your practice purposes, and has 18 songs in a great variety of styles so that we can practise our harmony singing for different song genres!

Do click on the book cover or text link to find out more!

Personal Harmony Singing Recommendation #2:

Harmony and Theory, singing harmony, how to sing
Harmony and Theory:
A Comprehensive Source
for All Musicians
(Essential Concepts
(Musicians Institute).)

Yet another great book from Musicians Institute, Hollywood, this book provides the basic knowledge on important topics like scales, intervals, chords and inversions, key signatures, transpositions and so on!

It certainly will help singers to be able to harmonize better, since it strengthens the basic understanding that we need to have regarding harmonies.

Harmony singing begins from knowing your scales and intervals well, and also with being able to hear the chord notes and how they relate to each other, and this book touches on exactly that!

Do click on the book cover or text link to find out more!

Personal Harmony Singing Recommendation #3:

Harmony Singing By Ear, singing books, how to sing
Harmony Singing By Ear

This set of harmony singing CDs by Susan Anders is a great resource on harmony and how we can learn to sing it!

The CDs teach you how to be able to sing not only upper harmonies, which are relatively easier to manage, but also the lower harmonies in a song as well.

The training method is singing by ear, and a lot of learning is done by listening to the CDs and singing the parts of the songs used to teach harmony.

The music resources provided here are extremely comprehensive, including practice tracks with only music and no vocals, so that you will be able to practise your harmonies without distraction!

Check out these useful harmony CDs by clicking on the cover or the text link now!

There are also other resources on harmony singing, and here are some of them:

Basic Harmonic Progressions:
A Self-Instruction Program (Norton Programed Texts in Music Theory.)

Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony

You may also wish to pick up some useful pitching tips that I have provided on this website. These will definitely help you to be able to pitch better, so that you can handle singing harmony parts easier!

Be sure to also do some vocal warmups before you embark on any of the practices or drills provided in the books or CDs recommended.

Singing Harmony is certainly easier with the help of these useful singing books!

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