Singing Exercises to Develop a Smooth Singing Voice!

Singing Exercises are useful in targeting the various aspects of our singing voice, and in this section, I will introduce to you a simple exercise for you to develop a Smooth Singing Voice!

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Now, a smooth singing voice means that there are no obvious breaks in our vocals as we move from low to middle to high notes and back down again. By this, we mean that the tone of your singing voice sounds connected, and does not suddenly become airy or change drastically in volume as you move through your various vocal positions. We can use a simple 5 tone scale consisting of 5 basic notes (Doh, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol), sung using an Ah vowel, to train and develop our smooth singing voice.

Here is an incorrect demonstration with an obvious break in the singing voice as the singer progresses towards a higher vocal position:

I am sure you noticed that the singer in the example suddenly sang in a very airy tone as he moved into his higher notes!

Here is another incorrect demonstration with the singer straining his voice, trying to reach the higher notes in the scale:

You probably noticed that in this example, the singer got louder and sounded strained in the throat as he sang higher and higher. The quality of his voice also started to sound constricted or tight as he went higher and higher.

Some possible singing problems here would be either that his throat was too tight and strained, or that his jaw began to lock, affecting his ability to reach for the high notes.

Here is the correct demonstration with a smooth and connected singing voice with little strain as the singer progressed towards the higher notes:

The aim of this 5 tone scale is actually to get us to try to bridge the various vocal positions that we sing with, and to be able to sing from low to high without strain and without losing the strength in our voice too!

It should all sound like one connected voice, and is certainly possible as shown in the demonstration above!

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Once you are able to sing with the practice music in a connected voice from your low to your high notes, you should try singing in even higher keys to challenge yourself and to train your higher head voice sounds!

There are also many other pitching exercises available on this website and you can try them out to challenge yourself more!

One VERY IMPORTANT RULE for all singers to follow: If you experience pain or fatigue in our vocal cords or throat, STOP and REST immediately! Do not risk any form of vocal abuse by over-practising your singing!

One other simple tip for you to discover a smoother singing voice is just to sing this word, “OOH….”! As you sing this word, bring your pitch from low to high, and back down to low again, much like you would actually say “Ooh” in everyday conversation!

You will find that with this word, you should be able to go from really low notes to rather high notes without much difficulty or break in your voice, and you might even feel your voice moving from the back of your head!

Master these Singing Exercises for Vocal Smoothness, and you will begin to develop a smooth set of vocals that can transition from low to high notes with greater ease!

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