Choosing a Good Singing Coach
or Music Instructor

good singing coach can do wonders for a singer’s voice development, much like how a good teacher can improve a weak student’s grades almost instantaneously.

This has a lot to do with motivation and inspiration. If the student is inspired by the teacher, he or she will work hard to improve their own skills, and this self-motivation is the most important force needed when picking up a new talent or new knowledge.

For singing, a good teacher is important because this person will be able to guide the student towards achieving a free and relaxed voice, reducing the bad vocal habits that the student may have, and improving on the weaker areas of his or her voice.

As a vocal trainer myself, I know how to train my students in a focussedmanner, and yet make the lessons fun and interesting for them, and also easy to understand so that they are not confused about the technical terms in singing. You can find out more about me and my singing profile by clicking on the link provided here.

Having a bad singing coach is extremely detrimental to your singing development, and may even cause you to develop vocal habits that may be bad for you in the long run. So do be careful when choosing your coach or teacher, and bear in mind these following pointers:

Tip # 1: Communicate with your coach in person before starting your voice lessons

Some students do not meet their voice teachers before signing up for lessons, and this is especially the case for private music schools. This is because students assume that any one of the teachers in the respective music school will be good for their voice development.

On the contrary, because singing is a very detailed and intricate science, voice training is greatly affected by the way that your singing coach communicates with you, and also by how your coach is able to bring out the best in you. This depends greatly on the dynamics between you and your teacher, and so I would advise you to meet your teacher first to find out more about him or her, and to see if you are comfortable with taking lessons under this person.

If you engage your coach through a music school, like for example my music school in Singapore, you would also need to know how to select a good school that can cater to your needs, so that your singing education is a fun and interesting experience!

Now, when you meet up with your voice teacher, do ask them the following questions:

1) What is your teaching methodology, and how are lessons conducted?

2) What is the strength in my singing voice, and how would I use it and build on it?

3) What is the weakness in my singing voice, and how would you guide me to correct or improve on it?

If your teacher is unable to answer you these 3 basic questions, it shows that they either have not thought deeply about how to conduct singing lessons, or they are not equipped with the necessary skill sets to be able to guide you properly in the future.

Good singing coaches should always be able to bring out the best in their students, and to tell them exactly what are the strong and weak points in their singing voice. From there, your coach would be able to give you certain specific vocal exercises that target those aspects of your voice that he or she wishes to train, or that you yourself wish to improve on.

Of course, good students should also know what you wish to learn or improve onso that your lessons are focussed and effective, and you make the most out of your singing lessons.

Tip # 2: Do your research on the coach you wish to hire

Find out all that you can about this person whom you are going to engage to train your singing voice. You do not wish to destroy the voice that you have, or to build bad singing habits that could stick with you for a long time.

Check out some information on your coach online, and if possible, listen to his or her singing or watch videos of your coach performing ‘live’ in front of an audience, somewhat like how I have posted my singing on Myspace.This is a good indication of how good a singer your coach is, and also how inspirational this person will be for your singing education.

One point to note though, a good singer is not always the best singing coach. Sometimes, a person may be able to sing very well, but he or she may not be able to explain the concepts of singing, and may also not know how to guide another person how to sing well. Do be careful of this point, and make sure that your coach is able to explain his or ideas clearly, and you can understand your lessons well.

Tip # 3: Look for a singing coach whom you can be comfortable taking lessons with

There is no point engaging, for example, a very famous voice trainer or a very impressive singer as a vocal coach, if you are unable to feel comfortable taking lessons with him or her.

The most important thing in singing is how we can stay at ease and keep our bodies relaxed and yet in control of how we sing. And we do this by keeping ourselves relaxed during our singing lessons, so that we can understand the concepts being taught, and apply the exercises properly when we are practising on our own.

If we are tense or afraid of our coach during lessons, or if we are so impressed by our trainer that we do not dare to make mistakes or to sing badly in front of him or her, then I would think that we would not be able to improve on our singing voice very much.

This is because for us to be able to sing well, we must first be willing to sing badly. We have to know what is wrong, before we can know what is good singing, and your vocal coach should be able to guide you to take risks and try out new sounds or vocal ranges, while still staying within a safe limit.

But you have to be relatively at ease with your coach first before you are able to explore your voice totally, and this is why being comfortable with your singing coach is so important for an effective singing lesson.

Well, I hope the tips I have provided will be sufficient in helping you toselect a good vocal coach who will be equipped with the skills to provide you with the education you require.

Do bear in mind though that your coach is still only someone who guides and inspires you to keep learning and working hard on your voice.

Ultimately, YOU have to motivate yourself to reach greater heights as a singer and performer, or even as a singing teacher or vocal coach who guides other singers in the future! 

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