Singing Books That
Develop Our Sense Of Rhythm!

There are many singing books out there in the market that help to develop our sense of rhythm when we sing!

Here, I will recommend you some useful books or audio CDs that will aid you in your rhythm training. Do also check out my website for various basics of singing, to find out more about the various basic elements of singing as a skill!

You may also wish to check out some of the Personal Book Recommendations that i make on my website, regarding singing books that give you comprehensive knowledge about the art of singing and that are suitable for beginners to read!

Do also check out this link for musical terminology related to rhythm in singing, so that you will have some basic knowledge about rhythm terms!

Here are my personal book or audio CD recommendations:

Personal Rhythm Training Recommendation #1:

The Rhythm Bible, how to sing, rhythm sense
The Rhythm Bible
(Book & CD)

This is an extremely comprehensive and detailed book on rhythm, and is suitably titled “The Rhythm Bible”!

It contains many of the basic beats like crotchets, quavers and minims, and also the complicated syncopation beats as well as rhythms in various time metres.

There is also a strong focus on vocalists to be able to sing the various beats, so that the rhythm sense is well ingrained into our minds and our bodies!

The training CD that accompanies the book helps us to be able to understand what is being taught, and also provides practice music for us to be able to tap the rhythms in the book!

Click on the book cover or text link to find out more about The Rhythm Bible!

Personal Rhythm Training Recommendation #2:

Basic Rhythmic

This is a great book by Robert Starer, and it teaches us various rhythms from the very basics, including rhythm and beat notation too.

Knowing how to notate beats and rhythms is also essential in learning rhythms for singing, as it helps us to be able to understand and process these rhythms visually and adds a new dimension to rhythm learning.

This book is actually part of a series of books on rhythms, and is the most basic of the series and so will definitely be useful to beginner students!

Click on the book cover or text link to find out more!

Personal Rhythm Training Recommendation #3:

Sight Read Any Rhythm Instantly, how to sing, rhythm sense
Sight-Read Any
Rhythm Instantly

This is a great singing book on rhythm and beat, as it teaches rhythm in an unconventional way!

Readers are taught to memorise the sounds of various basic beats and rhythms, as well as other complicated combinations of beats too!

In this way, readers are not too troubled by having to work through all the rhythm terminology or note reading, or having to count the durations of each the notes that we sing!

This also makes it much easier for us as singers to improve our rhythm, and is also a form of aural training for improving rhythm sense!

Click on the book cover or text link to find out more!

There are also other great resources on rhythm training for singing, and here are some of them:

Rhythmic Training

Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms, how to sing, rhythm sense Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms:
Text and Workbook for All Instruments

Do also check out the various pitching exercises I have uploaded on this website, and these will train your pitching as well as help you to develop a better sense of rhythm while you practise these exercises!

As with all singing and vocal exercises, be sure to do some basic vocal warmups before embarking on any singing or self-practice exercises!

Be sure to pick up some useful Singing Books so that you are able to gain a better understanding of singing and rhythm, and practise your sense of rhythm in the comfort of your own home!

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