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Enter a world of Singing and Music now!

Personal Singing Guide with Online Lessons and Tips for Singers and Vocalists!

Learn all about Singing from this free online guide with lessons on Vocal Exercises, Pitching Tips, Musical Scales and much more!

Continue reading “Personal Singing Guide with Online Lessons and Tips for Singers and Vocalists!”

Ear Training Exercises for a Pitch Perfect Singing Ear!

Learn more about Ear Training Exercises that help you to develop a pitch perfect ear for singing in tune, and also improve your aural awareness and ability to remember melodies and intervals!

Continue reading “Ear Training Exercises for a Pitch Perfect Singing Ear!”

Ear Training To Recognise Major Chords and Minor Chords!

Learn about some ear training exercises that help you to identify major chords and minor chords and to differentiate between major and minor sounds, so as to improve your aural ability for singing!

Continue reading “Ear Training To Recognise Major Chords and Minor Chords!”

Singing Diction – FAQ, Tips and Pointers

Get the answers for Singing Diction FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), with singing tips and voice training pointers!

Continue reading “Singing Diction – FAQ, Tips and Pointers”

Breathing Problems and FAQ for Singing

For those who have breathing problems during singing, check out this webpage for singing tips and faq on how to use our breath when singing!

Continue reading “Breathing Problems and FAQ for Singing”

Basic Rhythm FAQ for Singing

Basic Rhythm FAQ and Singing Tips to Solve Your Questions About Singing and Rhythm!

Continue reading “Basic Rhythm FAQ for Singing”

Aural Training Books For A Great Singing Ear!

Learn about some Aural Training Books that provide useful singing exercises to help you develop a great ear for singing in tune!

Continue reading “Aural Training Books For A Great Singing Ear!”

Absolute Pitch Ear Training For A Pitch Perfect Singing Voice!

Learn what is absolute pitch and how to develop this skill, so as to cultivate a great sense of aural awareness for singing in tune!

Continue reading “Absolute Pitch Ear Training For A Pitch Perfect Singing Voice!”

Tips for Tackling Singing Auditions, Contests and Competitions!

Learn many useful tips for singing auditions during competitions or contests, to overcome stagefright or performance anxiety and come out tops!

Continue reading “Tips for Tackling Singing Auditions, Contests and Competitions!”

Don’t hold back!

When you ever hold back on high notes, your voice can go off or break. Go to a place you are alone and then find out the real limits of your voice without

Continue reading “Don’t hold back!”

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