Ace Those Singing Auditions!

Singing Auditions can be scary

Yes, having to sing to a panel of judges or a select group of audience can cause us to panic or experience performance anxiety.

Especially if we were auditioning for a place in a singing contest or competition, or for a plush role in a musical or concert!

You may even have experienced blacking out during an audition, forgetting lyrics or even forgetting the song that you had to sing.

I’ve coached many students who have experienced all these symptoms and more…

That is also why I have gathered many useful tips to help you ACE your singing auditions and come out TOPS!!

Here they are, for your personal benefit:

Audition Tip # 1: Be Extremely Well-Prepared!

Yes, I know I’ve said this before, but it certainly is worth saying it over and over again.

Be EXTREMELY well-prepared.

This means that you have to practice your audition song over and over again, until you are really familiar with it, and know exactly how you are going to sing at every part of your song!

You should also mark out exactly what to do at each part of the song, especially for certain vocal expressions that you may wish to showcase.

Mark out the accents in the song, noting which words need to be sung stronger for effect.

Mark out the breathing points in your song phrases, making sure you know exactly where to breathe.

In other words, leave NOTHING to chance!

Because if you miss out on any preparation at all, the stagefright and performance anxiety will seep in from that loophole and affect your entire performance during your singing auditions!

So be thorough when you practice, and do your homework well for every song you sing!

If you’re auditioning for a musical theatre role, you can learn what is expected from musical theatre actors here!

Audition Tip # 2: Choose a Suitable Song for Auditions, and for Yourself

Choosing an audition song involves two aspects:

Knowing how to choose a song for singing auditions, and knowing how to choose a song to showcase the best side of your voice!

Choosing a song for auditions means that you should choose something that is preferably of a certain level of difficulty, but still within your ability to perform it.

Songs should not be overly easy or simple, but they should also not be so difficult that you make a total mess of it!

You should also reserve your BEST song for later rounds of the competition, if you are confident of doing well in the audition rounds.

This allows you to pace yourself, and not run out of songs towards the more crucial rounds in the competition!

Choose songs that help to showcase your sweetest voice, or the unique quality of your voice.

For example, if you sound really good in the low notes, you should pick songs that highlight that aspect of your voice.

Don’t pick songs that require you to sing really high, if you know that your high notes sound terrible.

Please. For the sake of the judges, and for your own sake too. ;-p

In other words, play up your strengths, and hide your weaknesses.

Very important.

Audition Tip # 3: Greet the Judges and Look at Them

The judges are the ones who decide your fate during singing auditions.

So, it makes sense for you to greet them when you enter the audition hall or room.

Also, you should always make sure you make sufficient eye contact with them during your performance.

Singing without looking at the judges often causes them to feel disconnected from your performance, and they will certainly not give you high marks for that!

However, be careful not to stare too often at the judges too, or they may feel threatened or uncomfortable!

Be natural, and be sincere.

Audition Tip # 4: Always Warm Up Your Voice!

This is another one of those tips that are all-important and worth saying again.

ALWAYS do your vocal warmups before you enter the audition premises.

This helps to ‘awaken’ the full power or beauty of your voice, and showcase your best voice to the judges!

This also helps you to avoid ‘cracking’ or losing control over your voice during difficult sections of your song.

An extremely useful and simple warmup exercise is the lip trill exercise, which helps to warm up your lips as well as your voice and breath.

Many singers use this warmup exercise, and I am sure you will benefit greatly from it too!

You may also wish to check out some useful vocal training resources to train your voice more, so that you will be ready for your singing auditions both mentally and vocally too!

For those who wish to read up more on some general tips for tackling singing contests or competitions, check out this link now!

Lastly, always have a healthy mindset when going for singing auditions or competitions.

Even if you fail to get through to the next round, it does not necessarily mean that you do not sing well.

It means that you are not what the judges are looking for THIS TIME ROUND.

So, do not give up. Try again and again, and one day, you will succeed!

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