Books On Musical Terms
and Music Theory!

Musical Terms and Music Theory make up the very foundations of our music knowledge, and we singers need to know some of these basic terminology so as to be able to have a deeper understanding of music and the songs we are singing.

I will be providing you with personal recommendations regarding some useful books on musical knowledge and terms, including musical scales and how to remember them!

To check out some of the basic terms in music introduced on this website, click on this link now.

You may also wish to check out some of the useful pitching exercises and musical scales provided on this website, so that you have a better understanding of the basic music scales and intervals that we may encounter as singers!

Here are some of my personal book recommendations for books on music theory and terminology:

Personal Music Theory and Terminology Recommendation #1:

Complete Idiot Guide, Music Theory, singing books
The Complete Idiot’s
Guide to Music Theory,
2nd Edition (The
Complete Idiot’s Guide)

This is a book for beginners who wish to understand more about music theory and how to apply it to daily vocal and singing exercises.

It has lots of information on musical scales, chords, rhythms and intervals, and provides you with a music CD to practise these musical scales!

The language used is simple and clear, and is definitely a good read for those of you who feel lost in the sea of musical knowledge!

Click on the book cover or text links to find out more!

Personal Music Theory and Terminology Recommendation #2:

The Chord Wheel, musical scales, singing books
The Chord Wheel:
The Ultimate Tool
for All Musicians

This is an interesting book about musical scales, and explains the relationship between the various scales using a Chord Wheel, which is an important tool for musicians and singers alike!

The book cover itself shows how the various major and minor scales are related to each other in a Circle of Fifths, making it easier for us to remember chords and how to play them.

Also, we are also taught how chord progressions are formed, and which chords sound great when placed beside each other! This makes it simpler for songwriters who wish to find wonderful sounding chords for their melodies!

Check out this interesting and yet simple book now by clicking on the cover or text links!

Personal Music Theory and Terminology Recommendation #3:

Hal Leonard, Music Dictionary, singing books
The Hal Leonard
Pocket Music

This is a simple pocket book that packs loads of useful information on musical terms, notation and instruments!

It shows you the various instrumental and vocal ranges, as well as musical scales, intervals, key signatures and so on! It even has an interesting section on biographies of composers and musicians too!

There are also useful reference charts provided in the book so that it is easier for singers and musicians to get the knowledge needed at one glance!

Check out this handy book now by clicking on the book cover or text links available!

Here are other useful books on musical terminology and music theory:

Music Theory For Dummies

AB Guide, Music Theory, musical terms A.B.Guide to Music Theory Part I

AB Guide, Music Theory, musical terms A.B.Guide to Music Theory Part II

oxford dictionary, musical terms, singing books The Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Alfred, Pocket Dictionary of Music, musical terms Alfred’s Pocket Dictionary of Music

If you wish to check out some useful musical scales and intervals, click on this link now!

There are certainly a great multitude of books on musical terms and music theory, and these are only some of the books available.

Reading some of these books will certainly greatly improve your knowledge about music, and also make it easier for you to communicate with fellow singers and musicians!

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