Musical Scales for Vocal Warmup!
Learn To Sing In Pitch Too!

Singing musical scales is a great way for us to warm up our voices, as well as to learn some basic singing scales that are extremely useful to keep us in pitch when we sing!

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One of the most basic musical scales for us to sing would be a basic Major Scale. This is made up of 7 basic notes which are:

Doh Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti
To complete the major scale, a last Doh is added in a higher octave to continue from the Ti note.

If we were to write it in solfege, this is what it would look like:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 with a final high 1 (Doh)
To sing this scale as a vocal warmup, we can start from a low note then slowly work our way to the higher ranges.

For example, male students can begin with a B note as Doh, whereas female students can begin with an A flat note as the starting Doh for the major scale.

Here is a B Major Scale for male students to practise with: (The 1st note of the scale is played longer first, in order for you to catch the key to be sung.)

Here is an A flat Major Scale for female students to practise with:

The reason why we begin with lower notes when singing scale warmups is because our vocal cords may not be properly stretched out yet, and singing from a low starting note subjects them to less tension than if we were to begin on a high note that would require the vocal cords to stretch out much more!

Another basic musical scale that we can sing is the ‘Major Arpeggio’. This is made of selective tonic chord notes from the Major Scale, but using the same starting and ending notes as the scale itself. The major arpeggio is made of the notes:

Doh, Mi, Sol, (high)Doh or 1, 3, 5, (high)1 in solfege notation.

This is a good warmup scale for us to use, as it trains us to make small pitch jumps from Doh to Mi to Sol then lastly to the high Doh. This teaches our vocal cords to stretch slightly more than it would have if we were just singing consecutive running notes in a major scale. We also learn how to listen for these pitch jumps or intervals and how to sing them more accurately!

As per the major scale, the major arpeggio can also be sung from low starting notes first, and then you could begin with increasingly higher starting notes in order to challenge yourself! Bear in mind to keep the pitch jumps accurate, regardless of the starting note!

We can also sing the major scale and also the major arpeggio, starting from the highest note and singing down to its starting note.

This trains us to be more nimble in our pitching, and also subjects our voice to a greater initial strain and then progressively less tension as we sing down towards the lower notes in the scales.

Check out this B Major Scale played from highest note, descending to its lowest note, for male students to practise:

Here is an A Flat Major Scale played in a descending manner, for female students to practise:

Our pitching can also be trained by using many more simple techniques that involve singing scales, listening to notes, as well as singing basic intervals. Click on the relevant links to find out more!

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Once we have mastered these basic musical scales and warmup techniques, our singing will definitely be on its way to greatness!

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