by Jesse Alexander Lyons
(Leesville, SC, USA)

This vocal exercise goes like this:

The singer should begin in a comfortable lower register and divide each syllable up in the exercise evenly in rhythm and each syllable on the same pitch.

The “ew” should have an open shape in the back of the throat but closed puckered lips. Be careful not lock the jaw. As the singer moves to from the “ew” sound to the “oh” sound they should be careful not to make a “W” sound.

The “ah” should be nice and tall with a smooth tone. As the singer changes from the “ew” syllable to the “oh” then to the “ah” the cheeck bones should vibrate even more. The “ah” may have a vibration so strong that it can be felt in the fourhead.

The singer should go up a half step each time, and stop when they don’t feel comfortable singing higher in order to avoid vocal damage. Whenever vocal strain occurs, stop what you are doing immediately!

Do not proceed with the exercise until you have consulted a professional. This exercise not only helps with vowel placement, but developing the head voice as well.

Thanks Jesse for your contribution! All you readers out there, do try out this vocal exercise and let us know what you think!

You can also try out the other vocal exercises in my web chapter on ‘Vocal Exercises’!

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Oct 12, 2009

An awesome exercise.
by: Anonymous

This is exercise helped me to control my voice better.

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