Developing Good Breathing Habits (two exercises actually)

by Rebecca

I learned this from a professional. What you do is breathe in “through a straw” (very slowly with your mouth in a small O shape) and then release the air by saying shh as long as you can. The key to this exercise is putting pressure behind the shh. You should really feel your whole body getting engaged!

The other one starts the same. You breathe in through a straw, then let it out by panting. Try to pant as fast as you can (I like to call it Chihuahua panting, don’t pant like a German Shepherd!) and keep your rib cage extended. You should “feel the burn”!

*Note from Your Personal Singing Guide: These are great breathing exercises, but do take note to not put too much focus on your breathing alone, but to always work the voice in tandem with your breathing for maximum effect. Tks Rebecca for the contribution!

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Developing Good Breathing Habits (two exercises actually) , 3.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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