Advanced Breathing Exercises for
Added Breathing Control
When Singing!

Breathing Control is extremely important when singing, and these Advanced Breathing Exercises build on the knowledge imparted in our previous section – Breathing Exercises For Singing.

Check out the above link if you have not already done so, in order to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge as to how to breathe properly for singing as well as how to perform the basic exercises involved, bearing in mind the important breathing control tips for greater efficiency!

Now, you have already learnt the following basic breathing exercises:

1. Breathing CONTROL
– sustaining a simple ‘ssss’ sound as long as you can.

2. Breath TENSION
– maintaining a greater level of tension and force when expelling breath.

– creating light and bouncy ‘ssss’ sounds for flexibility training.



Let us combine some of these exercises to enhance the flexibility and strength of your diaphragm muscle, as well as the surrounding intercostal and abdominal muscles.

For our 1st advanced breathing exercise, let us combine basic breathing exercise 1 with breathing exercise 2, by creating a slight crescendo (gradually build-up in volume) with our breath, from a soft ‘ssss’ sound to a relatively loud ‘SSSS’!

Your focus should be on our abdominal area, and you should ‘imagine’ your diaphragm going downwards and flattening outwards as you expel the air from your body. You would also notice that your abdominal area will expand sideways slightly when you use more force to create the loud ‘SSSS’ sound. This will teach your muscles to be able to withstand more tension, and also to vary the tension from a soft sound to a loud sound.

Our 2nd advanced breathing exercise will combine basic breathing exercise 3 with exercise 1, beginning with 3 bouncy and light ‘ssss’ sounds, and ending with the sustained ‘ssss’ sound, keeping it there for as long as you can sustain it for. Try it now!

This exercise will teach your diaphragm and its related muscles to be more flexible, and yet be able to maintain tension at the end with the sustaining ‘ssss’ sound, and also to control the amount of breath in your ‘air tank’ or ‘air balloon’, so as to be able to sustain a long ‘ssss’ sound at the end.

Our 3rd and final advanced breathing exercise will combine basic breathing exercise 3 (for flexibility), with advanced breathing exercise 1! (Now, don’t get confused.. just follow my instructions and you will be fine..)

Begin with 3 bouncy and light ‘ssss’ sounds, followed by a sustained but soft ‘ssss’ sound, then gradually increase the volume of the sound to a LOUD ‘SSSS’ sound, expelling all your breath at the end of this exercise!

Try it now!

The purpose of this exercise is to teach your muscles to be flexible, and yet also to be able to sustain and towards the end, create greater tension to expel all remaining air, even when you have already used up much of your breath for the beginning part of the breathing exercise!

This is why you need to fully understand the previous basic breathing exercises before you practise these more advanced breathing control techniques!

Now, to be able to understand how these breathing exercises relate to how we sing, check out this link and do be sure that you practise your breathing exercises diligently in order to create the desired results!

Let us move on to learning how we can vocalize properly while using the breathing techniques we have learnt!

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